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  1. tails1234

    Explain Wandavision.

    All rights kids and bigs. What should I say to my non-Marvel watching mother if she asks "what's that?" while I'm watching Wandavision?
  2. tails1234

    how to deal with ghosting

    how do you deal with being ghosted in this community?
  3. tails1234

    Rules for littles.

    Ok. Littles, bigs, anyone in between. What are some rules you like for your little?
  4. tails1234

    Steam sale

    Anybody pick up anything good during the Steam Sale? I'm thinking about Sniper Elite 4 or Zombie Army Trilogy
  5. tails1234

    how to make friends?

    How do you go about making friends with others in this community?
  6. tails1234

    Donating Diapers.

    I have some diapers that I'm in a position not to use for a LONG time. I can't sell or give them to anyone here because that would cause questions of "who did you meet on the internet that wants diapers?" but under normal circumstances should a nursing home take a bag of opened but not used...
  7. tails1234

    Northshore question.

    If I order the 3 pack of adult wipes from Northshore, how likely is it for a free diaper to be thrown in as a sample?
  8. tails1234

    Sitting in a diaper all day.

    Does anyone here notice any relief of lower back pain while sitting in a diaper all day? I have a bit of scoliosis and sitting for 6-7hours all day for college classes over Zoom is not fun. I already use a cushion but I'm wondering if strapping on a Megamax tomorrow would help in any way.
  9. tails1234

    best cloth backed disposable.

    so what's everyone's thoughts on "what is the best cloth backed disposable?" Discreetness and effectiveness are the name of the game here. This is purely functional but I'm not opposed to buying Preschool/Play Daz if they are the best, and the environment I would be wearing these would be in a...
  10. tails1234

    Diaper "shelf life" question.

    How long do diapers remain good for once the pack is opened? the products are Megamax and Crinklz if that makes a difference.
  11. tails1234

    ABU's next birthday.

    since COVID canceled ABU's birthday party this year, what would you like to see them roll out during their next celebration?
  12. tails1234

    Similar to small Crinklz

    title of the post says it all. I'm looking for a diaper which is similar in size to a Crinklz size small. What from ABU, Tykables, Rearz, Littleforbig etc fits that bill?
  13. tails1234

    wearing for the first time tomorrow.

    for those who've followed my last post. I injured myself in a way that makes my mobility limited and it's a great excuse to finally wear diapers. I've been wearing assurance brand pull ups for the past few days but haven't really wet them because I don't know how much they can hold. my order...
  14. tails1234

    help me pick my first diapers.

    ok guys. I've been interested in this and know all of the brands and major players for a while. and a short term medical accident has now given me a great reason to actually experiment and buy premium diapers. i'm in the bed all day, need to stay hydrated, and am not able to go to a toliet of my...
  15. tails1234

    good quality pull up.

    hi. does anyone have any suggestions for a good quality pull up for someone with a 29in waist? (NOT GOODNIGHTS) I suffered an injury recently and am wearing a pull up to bed right now (for the first time, but it's a Walgreens brand and feels cheap.) just as a safeguard if I need to use the...
  16. tails1234

    what brand to try next?

    alright, so i've extensively tried undies from Jockey (everything but their boyshorts) and I have Vanity Fair illumination in hi cut, brief and string bikini coming tomorrow. what brand should be next on my radar for good quality panties?
  17. tails1234

    bought my first panties today.

    My first order of panties arrived today. Man are they comfortable. the brand is Jockey and I'm really liking their "no panty line promise" briefs. however being new to the world of women's underwear, I also bought some of their "supersoft" briefs, both styles in size 6, and I feel like the...
  18. tails1234

    help me pick my first Jockey panties

    help me pick my first Jockey panties. either the Supersoft brief, No Panty line Promise brief or their modern tru-fit brief.
  19. tails1234

    Panties for support.

    I've recently went down the rabbit hole of mens underwear trying to find what gives the best ratio of support and comfort. I've tried mens bikinis, thongs, and g-strings. Should i just bite the bullet and try women's briefs/bikinis and see how they compare? if so what brand/material do you guys...
  20. tails1234

    Rearz Dino diaper.

    Rearz seems to be hinting at the release of a dinosaur diaper or other product on their Twitter page. no pics or real solid info as of yet.