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  1. Cuddlewug

    The perfect sleeping bag!

    The only designs they can custom make are space, jurassic, butterfly and unicorn. They won't let you customise the colour/pattern matching so basically like shown on the site but in your size. You can choose the tog, sleeves and feet options.
  2. Cuddlewug

    What do real babies have that we don't have yet?

    A diaper/nappy like Pampers or Huggies. Colourful patterns, cloth backed, stretchy sides, and hook and loop!
  3. Cuddlewug

    The perfect sleeping bag!

    You have to email in to ask for the made to order service. At least that's the case of the UK website. Not sure about the US.
  4. Cuddlewug

    Looking for the Perfect Pajamas!

    They were 69 pounds (around 80ish USD?) This one doesn't have leg holes, but you can order them with leg holes as well.
  5. Cuddlewug

    Looking for the Perfect Pajamas!

    Just got this delivered, custom made from Slumbersac. Adult sized and takes 3 weeks to be made. I love it!
  6. Cuddlewug

    The perfect sleeping bag!

    Just received my new baby sleep bag. One of the best thing I’ve probably ordered this year! Glows in the dark too! If anyone wants one, this is a custom order from Slumbersac, it’s adult sized, and takes about 3 weeks to be made. Well worth it.
  7. Cuddlewug

    Visiting an adult Nursery

    Can definitely second Mummy Grace at Nottingham, had a couple of visits and she was amazing every time. She's also a trained nurse and a therapist, so a visit is like a visit to a therapist, plus the nursery. Can't fault anything, and can't wait for my next visit.
  8. Cuddlewug

    Adult Pullups and room for improvements (ABDL)

    Would actually love an adult sized easy ups, or pull ups. Kind of want the old Feel N Learn from Pampers back too.
  9. Cuddlewug

    Looking for the Perfect Pajamas!

    I can only see the 51 inch ones with the foot (non slip soles). Are these the ones you use if you don't mind me asking, or are they the non-footed ones? Thank you!
  10. Cuddlewug

    Do your plushies mean something to you, or do you just have them for the sake of having them?

    I have a fair few teddy bears but the most significant one that I hold very dearly to me is my lovey, Bearemy, which my mum took me to build a bear to make when I was 13. Bit of a back story here, I had hard time growing up due to my father's abusive relationship with me, he was a stay at home...
  11. Cuddlewug

    Children’s style sleepers

    Thanks for the reply! Baby pants looks decent, but they seem to be made out of a different material than the Pampers ad. Seems like the one on Pampers site is basically a little keeper sleeper (which is made of cotton) with the zip in front and different colours. The patterns look a little “old...
  12. Cuddlewug

    Children’s style sleepers

    So I’m stumbled upon a picture of a boy wearing a really cute sleeper on the Underjams page on Pampers’ website here. I’m wondering if you guys know if it is possible to get something similar but adult-sized. I know there’s Little Keeper Sleeper but they’re back zipped and doesn’t have the...
  13. Cuddlewug

    How are you dressed for ni-ni tonight?

    Blue footy little keeper sleeper. Nappied up of course.
  14. Cuddlewug

    Your Thoughts on Bambino Magnifico

    Are there any other diapers with stretchy sides? The magnificos are the only one I know with them.
  15. Cuddlewug

    does your bedroom give away your abdl

    My bed is super kiddy, however people just think I like kiddy stuff. At least no one's confronted me about being a little yet...
  16. Cuddlewug

    Spoiled myself a little...

    I use Suave kids smoothers, leaves my hair really soft and smells awesome!
  17. Cuddlewug

    Feeling rather jealous of kids pajamas..

    In the UK Marks and Spencer does kids pyjamas up to size 15-16 years old. They fit pretty well.
  18. Cuddlewug

    Hi there!

    Hi everyone, pandanasbearz here all the way in the UK. I've known this site for quite a while now but only just signed up! Glad to meet you all!