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  1. Cuddlewug

    The perfect sleeping bag!

    Just received my new baby sleep bag. One of the best thing I’ve probably ordered this year! Glows in the dark too! If anyone wants one, this is a custom order from Slumbersac, it’s adult sized, and takes about 3 weeks to be made. Well worth it.
  2. Cuddlewug

    Children’s style sleepers

    So I’m stumbled upon a picture of a boy wearing a really cute sleeper on the Underjams page on Pampers’ website here. I’m wondering if you guys know if it is possible to get something similar but adult-sized. I know there’s Little Keeper Sleeper but they’re back zipped and doesn’t have the...
  3. Cuddlewug

    Hi there!

    Hi everyone, pandanasbearz here all the way in the UK. I've known this site for quite a while now but only just signed up! Glad to meet you all!