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  1. babybobby

    Snuggies Overnights Tapes - focused feedback

    I've read some problems with the tapes, and wanted to share my method for making them stick. I've been wearing the same diaper for about 12 hours now, and the tapes are in the same place. The key is to rub the tapes until they get warm from the friction. It appears from my preliminary testing...
  2. babybobby

    Vintage Diaper Stash

    I'm doing my annual diaper inventory, and wanted to share whats usually locked up in my closet. I have 26 Ultra Pampers from 1988 42 Pampers Sz 6 1999 80 Luvs Size 6 2000 Attends from 1988 Luvs, Pampers And United Colors of Benetton in Sz 5 & 6 88 Goodnites boxers Tena Slip Supers And a...
  3. babybobby

    [Sticky] Baby Diaper Sizes

    It has come to my attention that there are NUMEROUS threads that are simply the following question, over & over again: Will baby diaper ______ fit a _____ size waist? I suggest we make a sticky thread that has all of the commercially produced diapers, and the sizes they can realistically fit...
  4. babybobby

    Note to self - no desitin during the day!

    I just diapered up a little while ago, I used Desitin to help not get a rash, because I'm planning on staying diapered for a while. Because I'm wearing a vintage, plastic covered, Luvs size 6, I don't want to wet it just yet. I went to the bathroom to do my business, and my hands got covered...
  5. babybobby

    How to suck a pacifier?

    I know this sounds like a dumb question, but I just got a nuk 5, and am a little lost as to how I'm supposed to suck it. Do I just keep it in my mouth? Do I try to suck the 'milk' out of it?
  6. babybobby

    Diapers for life?

    Hey all, I'm 24 now, and have been wondering for a long time, will I have this diaper fetish for life? I had a lot of shame about it from my family growing up (my brother outed me). They basically told me that I'd have an even harder time finding a partner who accepted me, because on top of a...
  7. babybobby

    Big Halloween Baby Pictures!

    I had an absolute blast walking around in my diapers and sleeper!
  8. babybobby

    Diaper SCORE & Cashier Story

    I just found 4 packs of 11 goodnites XL boxers for $6 a piece on clearance. 44 diapers for 24 = 54:twocents: a diaper, which is cheap for goodnites. Apparently the downtown publix doesn't sell many older boy diapers :) The funny part of the story is the cashier. She asked me if I someone was...
  9. babybobby

    ABU 1 tape diapers

    Anyone gotten the new 1 tape ABU diapers? use this thread to post your reviews, pictures, thoughts about them.
  10. babybobby

    Big baby for Halloween?

    I was thinking of getting a big baby costume for Halloween. Complete with real diaper. Has anyone done this? hints? tips?