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  1. KidSpike13

    never grew up?

    Hey, spikey here. Been a while since I posted in a thread and even longer since I started a proper one myself. Now I am not sure if this had been a topic before (as in exactly the way I am asking), but I was wondering how many others actually identify as never having grown up past a certain...
  2. KidSpike13

    To those who don't know me, hello!

    I realize I am no longer considered a new contributor or anything, but I also realize how removed I have been from the site for the last while. Because of how long its been since I was anything truly resembling an active user, I felt it appropriate to reintroduce myself. Now I know that I...
  3. KidSpike13


    I am not sure if this is the correct place to post this, but seeing as how my posts last night were concentrated here, it is my best guess. If this is the wrong place, moderators please move this thread and an additional apology ahead of time. Anyway, I am unsure of how many people saw my post...
  4. KidSpike13

    Walking Dead issue 100 *spoilers*

    Anyone else feel the same?
  5. KidSpike13

    I could use some support

    I don't wanna seem like an attention freak or a whiner, but I could use some help from people who are not directly related to what is going on. Today I found out that someone who has been like a brother to me since I could remember has threatened suicide. He has been going downhill for a...
  6. KidSpike13

    Hey everybody! I am new, and would like to introduce myself, maybe get some friends.

    Hi. So, I am in high school, almost finished for the year (woohoo!). I joined this site because I am confused about who I really am, think I am a teen baby, and because I couldn't stand not having anyone to talk openly to about it. I am a bit of a geek, in that I love comics, video games, and...