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  1. ORBaby

    Should I 'allow' my girlfriend to practice diaper changing on me?

    Don't forget that you need practice changing diapers too. As said above get some cheap store diapers and get good at changing diapers before the baby comes. Above all else make it fun for her.
  2. ORBaby

    Wife's acceptance

    Just give her time and don't push it.
  3. ORBaby

    I'm kind of confused about myself here

    There is nothing wrong. ABDL is a broad spectrum. You do you and enjoy. Talk to your partner about what things that you enjoy and what parts you have no interest in.
  4. ORBaby

    I'm trying to Understand. Pls advise

    That is the main point to communicate. I hope you get a response soon.
  5. ORBaby

    How to tell

    Bad idea, talk to her first like aby suggested. Don't surprise her with a diaper. Also check out the Dream a Little podcast for information on sharing this.
  6. ORBaby

    Feeling it

    The regret of a purge. We need to accept that this is a part of us. When you don't feel it just pack everything away until the feelings come back.
  7. ORBaby

    Are Pull-Ups considered diapers?

    Same here, except I pin on cloth diapers. I'm still a baby and not ready for pull-ups.
  8. ORBaby

    Could little space increase the ability to acquire new languages?

    I have thought about that before. Have a mommy that spoke another language just like she would with a baby. I would learn the same as a baby just slower.
  9. ORBaby

    How to tell ur SO you want to wear diapers instead of underwear

    Accept that it bothers your wife and just wear at home.
  10. ORBaby

    which nappies make you feel the most wet?

    The wettest felling are cloth.
  11. ORBaby

    Paci for my love :D / Updates

    You are going to have the happiest little ever on Christmas morning when he sees that paci.
  12. ORBaby

    Hacked Accounts

    Way to play with a scammer.
  13. ORBaby

    Remembering when Mum put me in a nappy!

    I doubt she would remember. Best to leave it alone, just enjoy your memory by yourself.
  14. ORBaby

    Meeting my little!

    Meeting up with someone who is not an adult is a bad idea. Their parents could cause all sorts of problems for you, I'm assuming they still live at home. Worst would be that you're walking into a police sting.
  15. ORBaby

    Mummy & Me

    Listen to mummy. Mummies know what is best for us littles.
  16. ORBaby


    I would guess that most posts looking for a little are by males, looking for girls, which are harder to find. Someone looking for a boy little just needs to reach out and pick one. Someone posting looking for a boy little will be flooded with responses.
  17. ORBaby

    bitcoin scammers emailing my ADISC email

    I got one like that before on an account that I don't use for ADISC. I ignored it and nothing happened.
  18. ORBaby

    Question about diapers making

    The cellulose (pulp) is to allow the liquid to be distributed through the sap so that more liquid can be absorbed.
  19. ORBaby

    My Girlfriend is confusing the hell out of me.

    Why is she doing it? She loves you and it makes you happy. She doesn't like the feeling of being wet, tell her she doesn't have to wet them.
  20. ORBaby

    Not "using" in front of partners

    I just wear for comfort right now. My wife does not mind me wearing a diaper, but she is not ready for me to actually use it. I wear cloth diapers that she did make for me. The other day I had a small #2 accident when I wasn't wearing, then the following day I had to make a rush trip to the...