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  1. Aby

    Should I 'allow' my girlfriend to practice diaper changing on me?

    Dude just tel the truth, this is a toxic secret that destroys relationships. Having her practice and not telling her the truth is not cool.
  2. Aby

    Why On Earth Do You Potty-Train Your Kids?

    Why teach them how to talk or walk?
  3. Aby

    Who is able to transition between bedwetting and being dry?

    what else is going on that is new? Stress, jobs, relationships?
  4. Aby


    wear a diaper, my last nurse loved my cute prints
  5. Aby

    Wanting to bed wet

    It's totally possible for some people to achieve this, I have had some success with this, and I do enjoy it a lot. It has also caused problems and been inconvenient at times. I do not think this is a good idea at all, if you are in a committed relationship and have not been honest with your...
  6. Aby

    Learning piano

    I need to start back up, its been forever, I had software on my computer that helped but need to get a new program, it got too old and won't work on my working computer.
  7. Aby

    Missing my mom.

    sorry for your loss, I worry about losing my Mom, it gets easier with time
  8. Aby

    Who is able to transition between bedwetting and being dry?

    How much are you drinking before bed? Cut down on fluids as much as possible before bedtime.
  9. Aby

    Does it ever get easier?

    it gets much easier the more we accept ourselves for who we are, and not who people would like us to be. Need to stop worrying about the expectations of society. Nothing we do is harming anyone.
  10. Aby

    How do others deal with shame?

    I kinda have a I dont give damn anymore attitude. The shame usually comes from our fears of judgement from others, stop caring about the judgement and be a good person, if your not doing anyone harm no one has the right to make you feel bad, if they think they do they are being bad people...
  11. Aby

    Printed diapers (abdl) too expensive ?

    subscription to tykables is 160 a month for me, not what I want to spend but I am making it work
  12. Aby

    I enjoy wearing diapers

    I use to steal diapers at night when I stayed at the babysitters house, I can remember at that young of an age plotting on ways to get to the diapers. I was like 4 maybe 3. I would get one and would feel so safe and loved. It was a rough time for me.
  13. Aby

    If age regression really existed...?

    Would totally depend if i had a good caregiver. I didn't have the best early childhood and don't need to repeat that.
  14. Aby

    I get up in my sleep and use the potty, very annoying I woke up bone dry and could barely pee, I...

    I get up in my sleep and use the potty, very annoying I woke up bone dry and could barely pee, I was empty. I think I need to lock the bathroom at night.
  15. Aby

    Semi Truck drivers in diapers???

    My old friend Large Marge use to talk about wearing diapers while driving her truck, but on this very night 10 years ago she was in a terrible accident, worst accident I ever seen.
  16. Aby

    Aren't we lucky!!

    we are very blessed, I remember green depends, I remember thinking there was no on else like me and I was a lone horrible wierdo that liked diapers and really wanted to wear them. I was only a kid and going through so much crap
  17. Aby

    I started a Youtube Channel!

    Tykables is my favorite lately specially the lil Rawrs and Puppers, the nurse at my urologist office said my Lil Rawrs diaper was cute and wanted to know all about it, amazingly the nurse had never heard of cute adult diapers, she said it made her day. Another great video, maybe do a light...
  18. Aby

    Changing in the Car/SUV

    wet diapers are pretty easy to change in a drivers seat, just pull to a more secluded spot if possible, like the farthest part of a parking lot. helps if you have tinted windows and are small.
  19. Aby


    Yes, it happens, worst time I was at Hollywood Video looking for a movie, I peed and started to feel my pants get wet, not too bad but I think I was noticed, I took my jacket off, carried it in front of me and paid for my movie, no one said anything rude or weird.
  20. Aby

    How to tell

    Do you want to make the relationship last? I would tell her if she is someone you want in your life long term. If she already has a caregiver mentality than tell her. Do not be ashamed, be proud of this part and tell her that you love her enough to share something that makes you very...