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  1. Waddles

    Wear, wet or mess?

    I hear you about the fiber! I am the same as you, extra fiber in my diet for regularity, but when you are down with the flu, it is NOT helpful at keeping things going the way they should! I had to cut it out for the time being till I get over the flu. I am not bowel incon, but have total...
  2. Waddles

    New plush!

    He looks like a "FlatFoot" to me!
  3. Waddles

    Wear, wet or mess?

    Wear for need, wet cause I can't help it, and will mess if I know I can clean up fast (shower) and I would be hurting if I tried to hold it. It is a rare occasion, but one I enjoy very much when it happens, but rarely force it.
  4. Waddles

    Goodnites Tru-Fit

    Will try them if they drop in price a bit, until then I have a couple bags of the regular XL I can wear at night inside a Tena Super.
  5. Waddles

    "You're due for a change"

    Sounds like the line I got at work this morning... You're early, did ya wet the bed? lol, all I could think was "if you only knew" but I just replied "Nope, not last night" and started my day with a smile!
  6. Waddles

    Plucked up the courage to get Undies

    My favorites are Vanity Fair Body Shine Illuminations Brief and Jockey Skimmies shorts, unfortunately Freshpair doesn't allow shipping of Jockey to Canada, but Sears has the ones I wear, almost like a Spanx short, goes down to mid thigh, UBER comfortable! :cool:
  7. Waddles

    Plucked up the courage to get Undies

    If you are looking at online purchases, try here Selection and sales/clearance is amazing! :smile1:
  8. Waddles

    Reasons why everyone should ride a motorcycle likes and dislikes

    30 years of riding, everything from Honda's to Yamaha's, no Harley's too expensive, loud and shake/vibrate too much. Must have at least 250,000 miles in all my years, missed it last year due to physical issues, and electrical woes. :-)
  9. Waddles

    Status of plastic Molicares?

    I just got 2 bags of Mediums, still the same old terrific diaper! :smile1:
  10. Waddles

    Tena Slip Maxi Review

    Go figure, all I could get was Sm, they fit, but "barely" without using an extension, have not blown off the tapes yet, will see after a few hours. Once they stretched a bit, they feel pretty good!
  11. Waddles

    Tena Slip Maxi Review

    I just ordered 2 bags off Amazon, looking forward to trying a "New to me" diaper I have never tried yet, but sadly could only get a Small, no Med to be found. At a 32" waist, I don't think fit will be an issue, I hope! Thanks for the write-up, very thorough!
  12. Waddles

    Teddy Bear to Cure Loneliness?

    I have mine with me every night, in fact he just got a bath and fresh onesie shirt! Don't think he enjoyed the spin cycle too much though! Being single in your 40's sucks, but at the same time, no relationship issues to drag you down in life, hear about them all the time from my non-single...
  13. Waddles

    AB intervention dream

    I have had the dream that I was outed, not that the close people to me don't know about my issues, but never an intervention dream, probably because what I wear is needed to keep my pants dry!
  14. Waddles

    Are there any good adult wipes tubs

    I stick to the Huggies or Pampers brand, love the smell, just got a huge box of 864 at the local supermarket for 17.99, helps my little feel little! Have tried the Tena adult wipes, just NOT the same :(
  15. Waddles

    I Have A Bit Of A Problem (Too Many Diapers/Not Enough Storage)

    I am fortunate I live alone, and have an entire closet devoted to my incontinence supplies, diapers, catheter bags, etc. Only I see it, except for one other person who knows I have issues, but they were polite enough to never broach the subject.
  16. Waddles

    Diaper Thief..

    He may have wanted to avoid the oncoming odor from it, I am guessing it was wet? If not, then it certainly is suspicious, but not something to delve into at ALL... let it go, and just wonder about it for years! :confused:
  17. Waddles

    Leaked at a friend's house, need advice

    They may have found it more strange that you never got up to go to the bathroom the whole time! :sweatdrop:
  18. Waddles

    Coffee Drinkers?

    A life without coffee would be absolutely miserable! I have drank it since I was 10, a pot a day average now, but trying to cut back, not that easy! Fresh ground is tops, but not often here.
  19. Waddles

    Public changing table

    The only time I have had access to an adult size one is at the pool, I change in the room and the table gets wiped off before it sees my backside. The ones for babies are cool though, never hold a full size adult without tearing it off the wall. That would be a sight!
  20. Waddles

    panties/underwear purchase --- Lucky females

    Congrats on your bravery, and panty purchases! I buy mostly online, Freshpair is a great site, lots of variety (TOO much) and the on sale stuff/clearance is a steal sometimes. It is amazing how many of the comments on different panties are made by men, it is a much more common practice then I...