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    I need some perspective.

    I am over 60 and have had sexual arousal from diapers since 12 years of age. Why, I don't know. My wife and I have been married for 33 years. I don't think it has harmed our relationship. When our children were babies, I had no sexual attraction to them or their diapers. When I worked in...
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    Greetings, all!

    Welcome! Good move to talk to your fiance about your ABDL regardless of how it works out. I've been married for 33 years and my wife just found out. I swear I had a discussion with her while we were engaged. She said she doesn't remember. Anyway, she has accepted my baby life, but she is...
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    Finally...the new guy

    Welcome to the club.
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    My life, my love, my ABDL.

    I am 60 plus years old and have been living with my ABDL thoughts and fetishes since my adolescence. It is a difficult concept to accept for myself, but I am learning. This site has been a great to me in accepting who I am. Most of my life I have been very secretive about this habit...
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    Joining the pride

    Welcome! I am glad you joined this group at an early age. I spent most of my life hiding my ABDL habits, but have decided to try to be more open at least to myself and my wife.
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    Suh Dude

    Welcome! But I don't love that Trump won, but this site is not about politics. I am here to find acceptance in an unsual aspect of my life.
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    Messing and Clean up

    I use white terry cloth towels as diapers. You can buy these cheap at Walmart. 1) Take off the diaper over the toilet. 2) Shake the loose poop into the toilet 3) Wipe yourself with a wet wash cloth or towel (for bigger messes). 4) Wash poopy diaper and wiping towel in wash machine. Use some...
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    DL vs AB

    I have preferred the label DL because AB is a little scarier and over the top. These are only labels. Based on the fact that I really like the cuteness of many baby things including plastic pants, training pants with little kid prints and baby powder including its baby smell, I guess I ought to...
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    Accepting your kink and sharing with romantic partners

    Wife discovers my baby pants Thanks for the suggestions. My wife just discovered my training pants. I have kept my ABDL in my head to get an erection for masturbation until recently I purchased some cloth diapers, training pants and plastic pants and really liked peeing and pooping in my pants...
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    Types of CareGivers

    Never had a caregiver.
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    Just found a super cute lion king onesie that you guys might find intersting

    Don't particularly care for the Lion King. Would rather go for the more traditional prints available at
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    Giving up the DL lifestyle

    Recently my wife of 30+ years discovered some of my baby things. I have been increasing my baby behaviors in the last 2 years because I retired and my wife was still working. My wife is planning on retiring soon. I told her I would go to a counselor. I would like to keep the door open for me...
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    AB/DL & Abuse

    My dad was not very involved with me and may have caused me to regress into ABDL when I first started having erections. Just seemed appropriate to me at that time. Perhaps I would have been different if my dad had been more actively involved with me when I was an adolescent. When I was 12, I...
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    How little do you dress in public?

    I have recently worn extra thick training pants with nursery prints under my blue jeans. I don't think anyone noticed. I have never gone outside with diaper or training pants showing.
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    Wife's Acceptness

    Recently, my wife found some of my baby things accidentally. I was thoroughly embarrassed, but decided it was time for me to just admit to my ABDL life. I have been ABDL for a long time and am just tired of hiding it and equally tired of the binge purge cycles that seem to come with hiding. I...