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  1. J

    time before Urgency appears and uncontrolable release.

    My severe urgency is not regular at all. I can be fine one minute and the next ready to soil my diaper at a moments notice. Sometimes I can last for up to 5 minutes but most of the time not.I've been burned before thinking I had more time only to have a surprise BM when I least expect it. It's...
  2. J

    public accidents that are hard to hide.

    Typical Sunday morning for me. I started with a kayak run around the lake then a change and into the shower. I hoped my bowels were emtpy enough to attend morning mass without a massive bowel accident. It's a warm morning so I went with Confi-dry 24/7 with a booster, plastic pants and athletic...
  3. J

    routine / hassal

    Over 20 plus years, You can only imagine how mundane the routine of the care I need. Constant diapers and all that it entails is very consuming.Without going into details, it plainly sucks.(check my profile for motre details) I'm bowel IC . 4 to 5 accisents a day, all very large voids. Just...
  4. J

    I hate when that happens

    This hasn't happened in a long time. I like to be confident with my protection regardless of whether I'm at home or out and about. I was only going out to the library to drop off a few books and pick up one that they were holding for me. I had on a dry 24/7 with a stuffer under some plastic...
  5. J

    Gauze pull-up diapers

    Does anyone know if they make gauze pull-up or velcro diapers. I've used the pin-on gauze diapers but I hate having to use pins. Also, do they make an adult size disposable diaper liner to use with cloth diapers?
  6. J

    loperamide side effect

    It's just one of those days that I have where everything is put on hold. Yesterday I had some meetings with advisors so the evening before I took a couple loperamide gel tabs and went to bed. Woke to a clean diaper. It was wet but no BM. I take 3 or 4 large doses of a fiber supplement everyday...
  7. J

    bowel urgency

    Just changed after a particularly messed diaper. Dosn't happen often at night but it does happen. What a fucking hassle. I don't think I've had such a messy diaper while sleeping. I do sleep good but I hate waking to a messy diaper. Like I said, not a regular thing, but a pain in the ass when it...
  8. J

    night time accidents

    It"s about 3 AM and I just cleaned up and changed. This doesn't happen very often but it does happen. I put my cloth pull-up diaper right in the washer and wrap my disposable. I feel so clean after a shower and a new diaper. I always felt diapers were great. Now, not so much. I never thought I...
  9. J

    cloth diaper liners

    I've been looking everywhere for a functional diaper liner for use in my cloth pull-up diaper and can't find any that will keep stool off the diaper. I currently use a disposable diaper. It was suggested on another forum that i use rice paper and cut what I need. But it would be so much easier...
  10. J

    How to handle major family gatherings after a night out.

    It's really not that big of a deal but some of my sibblings want to take me out for my birthday ( was earlier this week) and I just got home ( Midnight here in chicago) after a night of way to much food. Though I don't drink I was in fact pressed into a few glasses of wine. Like I said , not a...
  11. J

    Has this happened to you? Temporary change in bowel habits.

    Even with the severe bowel urgency I experience, I'm usually pretty regular. I use a bulk producing fiber supplement to keep things "firm" on the advise of my doctor. It has worked amazingly well over the years after I had been having loose BM's. I also occasionally use loperamide when I know I...
  12. J

    so tired of changing

    I've had to use diapesr for 20 plus years. I hate to admit it but I'm sick of it. I say I'm used to it and I am. But the constant changing has got me down, I'm so sick of this I'd rather be dead.
  13. J

    Greetings from Chicago

    I've been a member here for awhile and only really started posting recently. Pretty good group we have here. Friendly and informative. Unlike most of the members here, I'm older and I think more relaxed about the experiences we all face. I was a chronic bedwetter up until I was in my early...
  14. J

    level of protection is so important

    I was recently on a return flight from Florida to Chicago. I've experience severe bowel urgency for a few decades and after suffering constant accidents with disgustingly runny stool in the beginning, was told by my pcp to use a bulk producing fiber supplement. This did well for the loose BM's...
  15. J

    lazy or practical?

    Yea, I was a diapered bedwetter until I was 14. I'm sure I wasn't the only one. In a family with 6 kids, 3 of whom had wetting issues, and an understanding mother who just so happened to be an r.n., wetting was handled without much fuss. Diapers were the best way to keep everything dry. When we...