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    Little dreamers vs nursery blue

    Is there much of a difference between the Little Dreamers and the Little trunks or nursery blue offerings from Little For Big? I’ve gathered from previous posts that the trunks/nursery are softer and maybe thinner, just looking for confirmation.
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    Little Dreamer tabs breaking

    Decided to break down and try Little For Big Little Dreamers, Medium.... They seem very absorbent. A little thicker and stiffer than I prefer but 2 out of 4 so far has had a tab break off. Both times in the exact same spot. Bottom left. Nothing tape won’t fix but a bit annoying. Almost wish I...
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    Diaper Database

    It's been a while since the last discussion regarding this and that thread seemed to be locked now. ... About a year ago, I had started to work on a site for archiving information regarding the various diapers that are available. Unfortunately, life got in the way and I was not able to make any...
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    Attends Premier = awesome

    Just wanted to chime in and mention that I finally tried a sample of the medium attends premiere. That is probably, hands down, the best non ABDL diaper I have tried. .. Actually, it worked better than 90% of those. Typically in the morning, due to coffee, even premium diapers won't last fro 6...
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    [email protected] diaper on amazon

    Does anyone know anything about the [email protected] diaper on Amazon? .. ... Cannot tell if the price is for one diaper or a bag. But looks interesting. Tried searching, but so far...
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    Well beginnings sleep pants

    To start, I really like goodnites and they are my go to... No, they don't fit proper, but they fit my needs. I also like other pull-on style night diapers and keep an eye on other brands. I noticed Walgreens sleep pants say they are "new". Has anyone tried these recently that could contrast...
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    Prevail breezer vs perfit 360

    Just curious, does anyone know the difference between the two? Of those with stretch sides, breezer 360 is the only I can seem to make fit. The others overlap to much. I'm curious to see if the perfits work too.
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    Northshore briefs

    Does anyone know ... Of all the northshore brand brief diapers, which is the thinnest? I assume it has to come down to the airpremium vs the supreme light. Just curious which of those is the most discrete. Cannot wait for them to get the rear waistbands. Thanks.
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    ABU cushies sixe

    Quick question: does anyone know if ABU cushies clothback small will fit a 32" waist? ... The site says something about a specific fit. Unfortunately the medium is a tad larger than I prefer. I don't want to order a sample if there is no way it will fit as in 29" is the maximum it can fit. Thanks.
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    molicare premium soft extra

    I was curious if anyone knew of a diaper similar to the molicare premiums but with a fuller coverage on the rear? Not sure if these are just to small or if the rear is not suppose to fully cover the butt cheeks. They really seem to fit perfect otherwise... Just not sure I can get use to the...
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    False Sensations

    I've been a diaper wearer, by choice, since I was in my mid-teens. Recently I've gone back to more of a binge portion of the cycle and have been wearing almost 16x7 (except nights) for the past couple months. Typically though, I only really use on the weekends and during the work week I just...