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  1. RJDodger

    Rearz attempting to trademark the term "ABDL"

    So just found out about this today on /r/ABDL (the claim was filed back in October). Haven't seen it posted here yet (also not sure if this is the right section, but it directly relates to a major supplier), so thought I might as well. Rearz has filed for copyright claims to "ABDL" in the US...
  2. RJDodger

    ABU now sells Tena Slip Maxi

    Title says it all. Tena Slip Maxi is now available through ABU in US and Canada. Shipping starts July 6th (next Tuesday). Pricing as follows: Case of 3 Packs: $79.99 USD Pack of 24 (S/M): $31.99 USD Pack of 22 (L): $31.99 USD
  3. RJDodger

    ABU Kiddos and LittlePawz smalls now available

    Just got the email. As of 30 minutes ago, ABU Kiddos are now available worldwide. Priced the same as all their top-tier diapers: 34.99 for a pack of 10, 84.99 for 40, 142.99 for 80. 6 dollars for a sample. Looks like they even have the new tapes...
  4. RJDodger

    How many non-furries wear "furry diapers" (for lack of a better term)?

    I had a discussion on a furry forum about diapers that are preferred by babyfurs- specifically, Rearz Safari, ABU LittlePawz, and Crinklz. I argued that they at least had babyfurs in mind when they were being designed, LittlePawz and Crinklz in particular. I know Safaris are pretty popular...
  5. RJDodger

    What do you like to wear with your diapers?

    Title says it all. What sort of clothing do you like to wear during playtime? (not including everyday clothes for those who wear regularly) Personally, I like to just wear a shirt and socks with whatever diaper I'm wearing at the time. Not too picky on what shirt, but I've always liked the...
  6. RJDodger

    How many different diapers have you tried?

    I've been looking at new ABDL diapers to try out, and I had a thought for a thread. So how many diapers have people here used/remember using in their lives? Here's mine: -Goodnites, both vintage (all white) and modern (both boys and girls designs) -discount pullups I lifted from a church...
  7. RJDodger

    What's the thickest diaper available?

    This probably get asked fairly regularly, but: I want to experiment with smaller sample packs of various diapers. I've got a couple lined up, but I wanted to ask people here what the bulkiest diaper available in the US is. I was looking at Rearz Safari, but idk how easy that'll be to get shipped...
  8. RJDodger

    What did you do to to indulge before you could get diapers?

    So most of us have at least some way of getting diapers. Of course, it wasn't always that way. We didn't have money, privacy, easy access, or some other factors that kept us from getting diapers. We actually used to have articles for TBDLs on making improvised diapers (no idea if they're still...
  9. RJDodger

    How many kids shows have done the "bedwetting episode?"

    I saw a thread on another DL site talking about "diaper imagery that corrupted your childhood." Someone mentioned an episode of Generation O! (which I had never heard of) about bedwetting. A senator wants the main character to sing a song at his campaign rally, and threatens to expose that she...
  10. RJDodger

    Anyone else really bad at putting on/changing diapers?

    So this has always been a problem for me- when I put on a diaper, its always... "off." Usually, I'll get the legs too tight and the waistband too loose. I got better for awhile when I wore the cloth-backed Abena M4s, but now with the plastic-backed ones, I just can't put them on right. And yes...
  11. RJDodger

    Just found something out about my university marching band...

    Funny story, I may be misremembering it, but whatever. After playing for a game a couple weeks ago, we were on the bus going back to our hotel. I was talking with some alto sax players (I'm a tuba player), and evidently, some of the tenor sax players will wear diapers during a game, as their...
  12. RJDodger

    Little kids shows you watch?

    Its been a long-running guilty pleasure of mine to watch little kids cartoons. Mostly Nick Jr. I used to get up at some ungodly hour of the morning to watch Backyardigans, Wonder Pets, and Ni-Hao Kai-lan, all of which are now cancelled. I like Bubble Guppies for a time, but it pretty much...
  13. RJDodger

    Want to upgrade- what are some good diapers?

    For about 2 years, the best I could do, due to both cost and living circumstances, was Depends and Goodnites. So basically, a step above improvising with paper towels and grocery bags. Now, I'm moving off to college. I have a single room, so discretion isn't a huge issue. I've saved up alot of...
  14. RJDodger

    Not new. Returning. And after 2 years (give or take exactly a week), still kinda upset.

    My name is Braves26. Being an AB/DL has kind of been a lifelong thing for me. When I was 15, I found this website, and it was a godsend. Actually having a place to talk to people about this- people my age, nevertheless- was a huge relief for me. Lets just say I really struggled with this, not...
  15. RJDodger

    SCP: Containment Breach

    So... think you're man enough? Then download this game, turn the lights off, put in some headphones (not the same without them) and play this game or SCP-087-B. You may be able to sleep by Monday. Blatant endorsement aside, I've played this game a ton. For those who are going in cold, I'll give...
  16. RJDodger

    *Mandatory intro thread*

    Greetings. I'm a teenaged male DL, have been most of my life (well, not the teenage part, obviously). I came across this sight, and decided to sign up. I have never openly admitted my preference for diapers, so it feels nice to have somewhere to discuss it. Looking forward to frequenting here!