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  1. handsomestallion

    came back to ADISC

    After an absence of three years I felt inclined to return and share some insight as to where I am in my situation.
  2. handsomestallion

    Relatives/friends reactions to stuffies

    We always bring up here how relatives or friends (and even strangers) react if they find our diaper stash. What about stuffed animals? Some of you have seen my posts about my beloved Mr. Bunny from when I really was a baby, and I still have him since my mom won't met me give him away, and I...
  3. handsomestallion

    Did I use too much baby powder

    I diaper before powdering since it's easier for me that way, and today I took a short nap while diapered. Then I got out of bed and some baby powder spilled out through the right leg opening. Do I have to use less powder or what would you say? I was just curious since this never happened previously.
  4. handsomestallion

    Why did my mom react this way to my baby powder?

    So I still live at home and I'm fortunate to have a mother who lets me wear as long as I clean up after myself. I decided a couple of months ago to start using baby powder, and I didn't think to hide it in my room, even though I didn't really want my mom to see it because I was afraid that she...
  5. handsomestallion

    "Reuniting" with an old stuffed animal

    As a child, I had a small stuffed bunny named Mr. Bunny. He was given to me almost as soon as I was born. There's an old picture in my baby book of me in my crib, probably about four or five months old, wearing just a small pinkish-red shirt and a disposable diaper and clutching Mr. Bunny. In...
  6. handsomestallion


    After running into this site for several years I finally decided I was old enough to take the plunge and register! I'm 21 years old as of this introduction. I'm more of a DL than an AB; I'm just not into ageplay and dressing/behaving like a baby, but I respect the opinions of those who are into...