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  1. Marting

    Strange thing to shout in a car crash?!!!

    So we had a really scary car crash today (luckily we are all safe and well). As we were skidding on the ice, and spinning on the road into the barrier I found myself screaming "mummy, mummy, mummy!!!" . This strikes me as rather interesting. I'm probably only little like one evening a month. And...
  2. Marting

    Absolutely! :)

    Absolutely! :)
  3. Marting

    Does anyone else struggle with this?

    Ah, theres an envelope in the top right. I think you need to be an established contributor though. Maybe you are not there yet?
  4. Marting

    Does anyone else struggle with this?

    It's great to meet someone with a simular understanding and experience base. It would be interesting to read the study. Feel free to PM me if you want to chat and reflect on things. Really nice to meet you.
  5. Marting

    Does anyone else struggle with this?

    I think so too. And I think that i probably did. However, at that age it's very hard to define them as such. We don't have the knowledge, understanding or (usually) the vocabulary. I found it pleasurable before puberty. But the difference between pleasure and sexuality are very complex and...
  6. Marting

    Does anyone else struggle with this?

    It's hard to say. Without sounding too candid I'd say it probably started feeling nice as young as 6 or 7. But I only probably got to realise it was sexual when going through and past puberty. I felt intense guilt right through until my early 30s. Then I met my wife, and she helped me to feel ok...
  7. Marting

    long-time ABDL, newcomer to communities

    Welcome. Great that you have made the step to join us here. It's a safe space here.
  8. Marting

    Is AB sexual?

    A recent post has made me ponder this. For me it's sometimes a sexual thing. But it derives from my childhood development and association with nappies as a safety net.
  9. Marting

    Does anyone else struggle with this?

    I don't think it's about someone being attracted to someone else being childlike as such. My wife is attracted to me when I'm little. That's because I'm still me when I'm little, and she's attracted to me. She grew to love my little side because that's part of who I am. I don't like the fact...
  10. Marting

    Does anyone else struggle with this?

    I'm probably taking it the wrong way, but this post does make me feel a little judged (although I'm sure that's not intended). I've had enough self loathing due to the sexual side of this (admittedly strange) kink. It was formed in me through childhood trauma, and I've always thought that if i...
  11. Marting

    Does anyone else struggle with this?

    For me the sexual side came before i knew anything about sexuality. I wanted to wear nappies because I was being badly bullied at school, and regressing made me feel safe. Pretending to wear made me regress. When I was very young (pre pubity) the sensation of 'rubbing' made me need the toilet...
  12. Marting


    Dangerous how? Wouldn't want to put my wife at risk!
  13. Marting


    I'm very lucky that my wife let's me, and enjoys it. It's one of my favourite things. I think it helps keep up her milk production too.
  14. Marting

    [Finished] Milo's Story - The Beginning

    Haha. O Haha. Of course not. Just st really enjoying it!
  15. Marting

    [Finished] Milo's Story - The Beginning

    When's the next chapter? It's a nice story!
  16. Marting

    Diapers finds at thrift stores. Any good?

    When we moved from Finland to the UK we gave three bags of Tennas and some AB ones to a Red Cross shop. They would've been nice for someone to find!
  17. Marting

    How did you meet your little/mommy/daddy ?

    I'm English, and my now wife is from Finland. They are out there! ;)
  18. Marting

    My Best Friend Accidentally Saw One of My ABDL Diapers Under My Mattress!!!

    Well, I obviously don't know him, but my instinct would definitely be that wearing a nappy and sucking a pacifier might be a bit much. If you want him to know more about it just have an adult conversation about it.
  19. Marting

    mummy grace

    I'd say look elsewhere. I'd imagine it'd be crazy expensive, and she could charge whatever she likes!
  20. Marting

    Nursing on my Girlfriend

    Fair enough! 🤣