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  1. DLScottsman

    Diaper Stuffing and conflicted feelings.

    I feel little a lot of the time and there are times where I do not. Today is one of those times where I am not feeling little. That said I felt like I needed a really thick diaper so I stuffed my Megamax with two size 7 mama bear diapers. I am conflicted by wanting a really thick diaper but...
  2. DLScottsman

    Shopping quandary

    When walking through Costco the other day a saw a lady with 2 big boxes of Depends pull ons for men. Am I the only one that wants to say to people buying bad diapers "You can get much better ones online."? I don't because it would be embarrassing to me and I am sure them as well.
  3. DLScottsman

    Comfi dry 24/7 question

    I have switched to Dry 24/7 ad my normal diaper to deal with my OAB mostly because ABU can't keep XL preschool diapers in stock. I am having an issue with the white part of the double tapes coming free from the blue and trying to attach to my leg. Do I need them looser, tighter, or what? I am...
  4. DLScottsman

    Funny statement by my accepting wife

    My wife is a cat lover and will not move a cat that is laying on her. Yesterday I was laying on the couch after work and still wearing my ABU Preschool Diaper. I wear for an overactive bladder which has lead to urge incontinence. One of our cats decided to lay on me and go to sleep. I told the...
  5. DLScottsman

    Nice Diaper Cover

    I recently bought a very nice diaper cover from This is a very loud diaper cover. It crinkles more than an ABU Space and if you are not worried about that it is good for you. It crinkles with even the slightest movement. The seams are...
  6. DLScottsman

    Depend returning to plastic backed

    I got a letter from Kimberly Clark because I had complained about the new cloth backed ones. The letter stated that in mid April they are going back to a plastic backed tape on. I will still not be buying from Depend any longer because I prefer the better diapers online. Just letting the...
  7. DLScottsman

    Google Shopping express issue

    I have recently had an issue with Google Shopping Express that I would like to share here as a heads up. I ordered a pack of the Walgreen brand adult diapers which I will wear as a backup if my Depend Real Fit end up being used or has happened recently rip. I have an overactive bladder that...
  8. DLScottsman

    New Always Discreet

    Has anyone here tried these yet? They have a free sample offer at I ordered a sample earlier this week and so will not get them for a while. They have standing leg guards on the pull up. While they're marketed towards women I would wear them if decent for the price.
  9. DLScottsman

    Bit of an odd situation

    My family spent the week of Thanksgiving at my mother's in Las Vegas. While it was enjoyable as with all good things it must come to an end. I sleep in an AIO at night as a security measure because I have a fear of wetting the bed (not that I have in a long time). My wife was repackaging the...
  10. DLScottsman

    Angelsbest 220 on EBAY

    I have been looking at the Dependco AIO diapers and I just realized that I am too big for their large and they do not have a bigger size. I am now looking at another seller on EBAY Angelsbest223 they have a great seller rating has anyone here tried their AIO diapers?
  11. DLScottsman

    Diaper covers

    I'm looking to get a cute diaper cover. Where are the best prices and quality? My wife has accepted my DL side and will let me get something cute. I would love one with ruffles on the butt but a cute printed one would also be good.
  12. DLScottsman

    Nick and Nora footed sleepers

    Target now has Nick and Nora footed sleepers in stock online and in stores again. Of this year's batch i want the sharkies.
  13. DLScottsman

    Hello all.

    My username is DLScottsman I am not a Scotsman by birth but by choice. I started wearing diapers every night last year around October. I have had a fear of wetting the bed for years that caused me to get up right after getting comfortable. My wife was pregnant and getting up to go often as well...