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  1. LittleAndrea

    Adult pacifier and gag reflex

    I have been seriously considering buying a pacifier. I have a very easy gag reflex I think I am going to start with one from the dollar store just to see if I like the sensation. I don't want to spend a fortune on a paci and not like it. I have been delving younger and younger lately and I think...
  2. LittleAndrea

    What time is it? It's time for lunch!

    I have the cartoons and the plushies of all of them (mostly gifts through the year). I wish there were more episodes but there is only one season. My favorite character is Butterbear, she was sweet and kind. I don't trust reboots, I can't really think of any that even compared to the original.
  3. LittleAndrea

    What time is it? It's time for lunch!

    I have a wuzzles lunch box that I take once in a while.
  4. LittleAndrea

    So, I've been craving a plush to hold at night.

    I have to admit all of my favorite plushies were gifts at one time or another. My pound puppy I got for Christmas when I was 4. My Mr. Bear was given to me as a birthday gift and my Paddington Bear my husband got me when our local toys r us was closing. Those are the 3 that really clicked with...
  5. LittleAndrea

    Teething Cookie Recipe

    So it had been a little while since I have spoken about my love of making all things little. This afternoon I was experimenting in the kitchen and I found a recipe for teething cookies that I made a little yummier. Here is the recipe if anyone wants to try them, they are SUPER easy! 2 cups oat...
  6. LittleAndrea

    does your bedroom give away your abdl

    Well lets see, My pound puppy lives on my bed when he's not with me, my whole bedroom is light pink and espresso wood with Disney princesses on the left side of the room and hello kitty on the right. The bookcase that faces the door (we have 3 6ft bookcases in our room) has the top 3 shelfs...
  7. LittleAndrea

    How do you spend weekends?

    Most weekend mornings I have Saturday Morning and Sunday Morning cartoon playlists set up with all of the cartoons I loved as a kid (rainbow brite, care bears, muppet babies, the real ghostbusters, wuzzles, teenage mutant ninja turtles, garfield and snoopy. Then on Saturday's most weekend...
  8. LittleAndrea

    Bottles A Day?

    I use mostly nuk sippy cups with the silicone spouts. It depends on how young I feel on a particular day as to how many sippys I drink. Most of the time it's an 8 oz sippy of either skim lactose free milk or light ice coffee. Then several kool-aid type sugar free drinks throughout the day...
  9. LittleAndrea

    Own Who You Are.

    It's sad when you think about it. There are so many things that society deems acceptable now that they didn't 50 years ago. When one of my old co-workers mentioned that she was a dominatrix on the side no one really batted an eye. But if I said I like to play with toys and drink from a sippy...
  10. LittleAndrea

    Losing the magic

    Like with any interest the intensity of interest is going to come and go. Just indulge when you feel like it. When I first realized how happy this made me I took a week off of work and went 24/7 with the whole kit and kaboodle. By the end of the week I was a little sick of baby food and...
  11. LittleAndrea

    Need advice on traveling as an ABDL

    As far as clothes are concerned unless they unfold everything they will never know. Like RobertABDL74 said there are much weirder things that TSA sees and you will never see these people and they will never see you so who really cares what they see.
  12. LittleAndrea

    Public baby

    I don't know how happy of a life you can lead if you spend it hiding who you really are. Being honest with the person that you love is key and being with someone that can't accept you for the person that you are is just going to lead to lies and mistrust because this will always be a part of...
  13. LittleAndrea

    Whats your Fav Food?

    Hands down my Grandma's chicken and dumplings. It's the one thing she taught me how to make and I'm very grateful that she did.
  14. LittleAndrea

    New to the little world

    I agree, especially at the beginning before you really come to accept yourself for who you are there are those moments when you want to purge which can be SUPER expensive and emotionally draining (especially if you toss a stuffy that you love). Put it away, don't throw it away. I don't think...
  15. LittleAndrea

    What's your Favorite Color?

  16. LittleAndrea

    Johnsons Medicated Baby Powder - Zinc & Corn Starch

    I love the lavender bath wash and moisturizer. I use it with my bath before bed.
  17. LittleAndrea

    My newest LEGO Brick Set...

    Legos are some of my favorite things to play with, my only complaint is that they are so expensive. A couple christmas's ago my hubby gave me the Simpsons house and it was like $200 and it took me about 4 days to put together. I loved every second of it but for 4 days of fun and about $10 worth...
  18. LittleAndrea

    "Little" Movie trailer...🎥🎞️

    Not gonna lie, that was funny!
  19. LittleAndrea

    How Baby-ish do you dress?

    I wear a lot of bright colors with childish prints. I have been working on making some more clothes for myself. I am currently up-sizing a toddler pattern by simplicity and I plan on making all 6 dresses and hoping to have the first pink one done by Easter. I am a lifestyle little so when at...
  20. LittleAndrea

    Entertainment ideas please

    I have a car pack that I keep in the car for when we go on road trips, there is a Melissa & Doug (I love their stuff) Little Mermaid wooden dress up, a magic pen coloring book so there is no mess. A Mad Libs Disney book that hubby likes to play along with, a pillow and a fleece throw if I get...