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  1. Slomo

    AB & Self-Bondage

    There are locking diaper covers. Make it so you can't get to the very easily or right away and you'll befinitely have diapers and bondage at the same time. There's also baby mittens which severly limit your ability to grasp things too. Oh, and take a look at diaper spreaders too. Now that's...
  2. Slomo

    Modern nappies

    For me, both. As a baby I had plain plastic diapers, as did my baby brother. So that's what I associate as being the most babyish. And adult plastic diapers do still have the best performance.
  3. Slomo

    Mail mishap 😬

    I used to have wrong mail deliveries all the time. I went to home depot and got some tall 5" wood numbers, as well as some small 2" metal stick on numbers. The tall ones were painted bright white and hung above my door. The metal numbers went on the side of my mail box. Incorrect deliveries were...
  4. Slomo

    Unintentional diaper training

    FWIW, a "long time" is subjective. It takes about 3 months of constant reinforcement to form any new habit, maybe a year with only mild enthusiasm towards a single goal, longer with only intermittent commitment with a lack of any subconscious reinforcement or acceptance. A person can be...
  5. Slomo

    Easiest way to clean yourself

    I was thinking the same thing. Use the front of the diaper for your intital "wipe" to remove the bulk of the mess. It makes cleanup with wipes that much easier. And of course, a shower will beat all of that.
  6. Slomo

    Wearing in public

    Then you keep on searching. There are literally TONS of diapers out there, all made my different manufacturers. Then there's also learning and testing different ways to tape on each diaper too. I can guarantee there is a diaper out there you can learn to trust. You just either haven't found it...
  7. Slomo

    New Always Discreet?

    LOL, "overnight" protection from a pullup. LOL Just remember what they are advertising here, "bladder leaks", not full on wetting.
  8. Slomo

    Modern nappies

    It's almost funny. If you really look at (and deconstruct) a cloth backed disposable you'll see their major failing is the plastic lining only covers the center strip of the diaper. IF manufacturers actually extended that plastic all the way to the sides then you'd have a cloth backed diaper...
  9. Slomo

    Do you think incontinence nappy/diaper suppliers know that you're probably a AB/DL?

    Oh, they do. But in a larger picture of the grand scheme of things. It's called meta data because they don't care about your personal data per-say, but the overall buying "cycles" you and others like you go through.
  10. Slomo

    Wearing in public

    Man, it isn't that difficult to solve. Just wear a really good premium diaper you can trust won't leak.
  11. Slomo

    Unintentional diaper training

    I get you (and probably a LOT others) don't mean to be offensive. Having incontinence, especially painful urge incontinence, is WAY different from choosing to be functionally incontinent as a means of outwardly achieving how some of us inwardly see ourselves. There are people out there who see...
  12. Slomo

    How would you reply?

    A walmart in my area just implimented a "no backpacks" policy. There was a guard watching over several bags as I walked in. Thoug I can see why they have it I wonder how long that will last before enough people get upset over it.
  13. Slomo

    Wearing in public

    Nearly anything that absorbs liquid can be used as a booster. I often use baby diapers since they are effective and cheap. Diaper booster pads, maxi pads, and even towels can also be used. Heck, in a pinch I've even heard of people stuffing their diaper with wads of toilet paper.
  14. Slomo

    Any DLs wear diapers to work?

    I work in a quiet office, around others. I have meetings, and also have to walk field job sites at times. I wear crinklz 24/7, and in 15 years nobody has yet outed me or figured out I'm diapered. So it isn't as impossible as you're afraid it is.
  15. Slomo

    Unintentional diaper training

    Urge incontinence due to an injury isn't necessarily the same as urge incontinene from diaper training. With injury urges they can hit you pretty hard, and when you have a full bladder, which makes it all that more intense and painful. With diaper training you're conditioning your bladder to...
  16. Slomo

    Worst Easter ever!

    Sounds more like vindication AND a few extra helping hands to me. Yeah you had to endure the belitting and fight but in the end your ex was outed and asked to leave by her own family for purposely causing drama like that. And you were able to give your side of her story too. Then after that your...
  17. Slomo

    Anyone here into cars?

    I'm also into cars. At least twice a day. Once going to work, and once coming home.
  18. Slomo

    Getting fit.

    "Fun" fact, a person who has never been overweight will need more calories per day to maintain their weight, versus someone who has been or currently is overweight. That literally means a heavy set peson may need to eat as little as half of a heathy diet in order to actually loose weight. It...
  19. Slomo

    A very special thing happened to me (Heartwarming moment warning!)

    I like the idea of Karma and what goes around, comes around. Glad to see you are reaping a well needed (and well timed) reward from your kindness years ago.
  20. Slomo

    Adisc App?

    I always browse on my phone using google. I find the mobile version to be perfectly adapted, and see no use for a dedicated app that would just deliver the same thing.