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  1. Savagefoxchild

    "Littles" with Autism and Asperger's Syndrome

    I wish I didn't have any responsibilities at all 70% of my depression is needing to be an adult when I just want to be a kid again and not think about anything or worry about anyting I have always struggled with keeping up with my responsibilities that's where my autism mostly trips me up...
  2. Savagefoxchild

    "Littles" with Autism and Asperger's Syndrome

    my family is ridiculous my brother my sister and me and my dad and my uncle all have Asperger's autism being called autistic doesn't bother me I look at it as more of a compliment because the most creative and nice people I've ever met had some form of autism in my life and some of them are...
  3. Savagefoxchild

    Is Metal Music misunderstood?

    the problem with music on TV and radio they only have a few genres when there's a lot out there they don't take advantage of them all or if they do those genres are not available in every region cuz they're not all super profitable in every region that's why I like the internet
  4. Savagefoxchild

    Is Metal Music misunderstood?

    I've never liked music on radio or TV I always look for it on the internet there's a lot of decent free music on YouTube if you right click in the middle of a YouTube video you can Loop that video and listen to the same song over and over again that's what I do I even make a playlist of the...
  5. Savagefoxchild

    Advice for taking Pull-ups to the movies?

    it's best to pee before you go into the movie or constantly make yourself pee don't let your bladder get too full which is not necessarily easy basically have to make yourself pee when you don't want to pee so you don't pee so much it overwhelms the diaper or pull up
  6. Savagefoxchild

    Advice for taking Pull-ups to the movies?

    put on two of them rip one of them so will pour into the other one underneath and you some glue the glue the bottom one on make a pocket for the pee to go into
  7. Savagefoxchild

    Diaper or Public toilet?

    I rather shit my pants then use a public toilet I'm lucky I so far have never needed to take a crap in public
  8. Savagefoxchild

    Kidney stone :'(

    you should check into the hospital
  9. Savagefoxchild

    Faking Racist situations

    words should never be considered a hate crime beating the crap out of somebody in the other hand cuz of their color is definitely a crime a tip don't let words bother you they don't have any meaning only if you let them have a meaning
  10. Savagefoxchild

    What is your favorite Pokémon species?

    Eevee Bulbasaur Dragonite Ninetails, Alakazam meowth
  11. Savagefoxchild

    I’m torn. I don’t know what to do.

    you should tell your dad find a time where it's just you and him and talk to him about it even if you don't want him to know about it the stress from not telling him is going to get more irritating and painful overtime to you than actually telling him about it not telling your dad about it will...
  12. Savagefoxchild

    Have my parents ruined me? (Please help, I need your thoughts.)

    sorry if my writing is terrible after telling her I got rid of all my stress even though I wasn't happy with the results
  13. Savagefoxchild

    Fetlife advice?

    I recommend checking out Second Life that's how I'm able to get what I want it's not as good as the real thing but it's better than nothing second life you can have a virtual Avatar you can customize and make it look any way you want and you can do whatever you want with it that's how I cope...
  14. Savagefoxchild

    Have my parents ruined me? (Please help, I need your thoughts.)

    the best person to approach with this is your own dad spill the beans it took me 31 years to do it with my mom but I did it and I feel a lot better in a lot less depressed even though she didn't like it and refused to let me wear them the Stress and Anxiety over it nearly killed me keeping this...
  15. Savagefoxchild

    is it a bad idea?

    posting dirty diaper pictures or videos is not good idea anyways it's kind of gross for some people and it has a high likelihood of biting you in the butt really hard in the future
  16. Savagefoxchild

    Assumptions About Autism Stink

    my sister is super sensitive to sound and so am I my sister can't stand clapping when she was a little kid she threw her reward she got from her class into the trash cuz she didn't want to hear my mom clap I can't stand heavy bass music are whistling or some dogs barking my sister is also super...
  17. Savagefoxchild

    Video games you miss?

    I miss games from 2005 to 2008 that's when they were fun I haven't found any fun games since then none of the games from that era are fun anymore they change them so much
  18. Savagefoxchild

    So what is a SJW?

    Seattle has a minimum wage of $14.50 an hour Oregon $11.10 an hour people from Seattle are willing to travel to work so they buy homes in Oregon where it's cheaper but the rates go up in Oregon because of this but the wages don't
  19. Savagefoxchild

    So what is a SJW?

    I like how you started a topic about social justice Warriors and then you switched it to wage if everywhere raised their minimum wage to $15 it would be a good thing but only if select locations did it it would be a bad thing a perfect example that's already happening here in Oregon the cost...
  20. Savagefoxchild

    So what is a SJW?

    my current image of the social justice Warrior as somebody likes playing the victim whenever something doesn't go their way