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    Rate Your Sexuality

    I clicked on full gay.
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    Katy Perry- Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F)

    I loved the video. Thought it was fantastic! Also, Kevin as a much cuteness!
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    Tearjerkers II: Songs that make you cry (all by themselves)

    Falling Slowly from the movie Once.
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    What makes you feel small?

    When ever I'm with my boy and his friend. They are both 6'2". Also when he and I cuddle.
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    Ways of putting on a disposable diaper

    Lying down and powdering my self up and then pulling the diaper in place. Then I tape it from the bottom tapes and work my way up.
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    Do you mess standing or sitting?

    I do both and some times i am laying down when i do it
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    Kid Shows and Regression

    When I regress I have a tendecy to pop in old Disney flicks like The Lion King and Beauty and the Beast. Me and my daddy recently just sat down and snuggled watching WALL-E and all Toy Storys.
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    Best Diaper Memory/Reason you might be AB/TB now!

    One of my favorite memories was when i had just started dateing my boyfriend: We were both in bed and I was wearing a diaper under my clothes. "Mark" (am not useing his real name) commeted on the baby powder smell and asked me if I was wearing one. I dicided to tell him everything (such as my...
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    hELLO ALL!

    Hi, I am DaisukeChan92. I am an eighteen year old gay Adult Baby! I have been in an open relationship with another man for 4 years. He is a DL but does go in to the AB side.
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    What diaper are you wearing NOW?

    Large Attends with 2 huggies 6s as stuffers.
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    What diaper are you wearing NOW?

    Attends Medium with a Huggies Size 6 and a Pampers Size 7 as stuffers
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    Hey im daisuke-chan!!!!!! I am a gay DL and have been adl scene i was 12 and gay scene i was 14!!!! im currently wareing a Huggies XL Pull Up and its wet!!!:giggles::blushie::blushie: