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    I must be doing cloth diapers wrong

    Did you pre-wash your new diaper with soap and no fabric softener? If not, they won't be at their peak absorbancy. Secondly, All in one diapers and pocket diapers are not that absorbant. Especially if you flood them. If you want to flood cloth, you need flat cloth diapers and plastic pants...
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    I got the new Ninjamas

    From what I see, they are sized the same as Underjams, which where a bit smaller than Goodnites. They are basically the same as Underjams, except they use the current Easy Up technology.
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    Does anyone remember this short Dutch film about bedwetting?

    The way I see it, the kids learn that it's bedwetter camp.... The endind kinda suggest that even if I did not understand a single word.
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    Initial conversation with my Urologist

    Her notes are factual. She did ask you that and you did answer as she wrote it. The way you report it, I see no judgement on her part. Just the result of her evaluation. The way I see it, at this point, she is waiting to confirm he first hypotheses. No further test are required at this stage.
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    Molicare Premium soft super absorbancy

    I know, but my question is wether or not it's absorbancy has changed over the last year. It's a question toward those who use this diaper often. My feeling is they dropped the quality a bit. Like Tena did over the last years. But fortunatly, they did not ruin this diaper, like Tena did.
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    Molicare Premium soft super absorbancy

    I was wearing those on a daily basis last year and for some reasons, I stoped buying them. I liked how they where slim enough for daytime but absorbant enough for night time. Now I bought a case and I was suprised how less absorbant they are. They can handle a night time use, but I feel so wet...
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    Trying out Tena Slip Maxis

    Maybe you tape them too tightly. Also, tape angle help a lot to prevent such things.
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    In need of a good diaper to wear to tae qwon do

    I'd use a pullup. If you wet trough a pullup before the class end, you either drink too much, or you are doing something wrong. I'd also consider external catheter with a waist bag. It's more discrete. But if you do full contact combat, this option is not viable.
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    Abena M1 vs Tena Slip Maxi

    The M2 is good for daytime, but I would not flood it. It's not designed for this. The Tena Slip Maxi are ok, but like Trevor said, they will get pretty notisable when wet. I would not compare them to Abena M3, as their padding composition is very different. You will feel dryer in a Tena Slip...
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    How much do you spend on diapers?

    I buy a case of Abena M4 every month. That's about 70$. A case last a bit more than a month though. But it's a close estimate if you account the occasionnal case of wet wipes. That's when I wear only at night. On occasion, I go 24/7, so add another case for the month.
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    Aww so cute diapers on TV!!!!!!!!

    Anyone can post a link of the episode? It should be on the net somewhere sometime.
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    Question for Ladies Who've Changed Boys

    School aged girls seeing it for the first time? Damn, what kind of education they received!! Over where I live, kids, less than 3, already learn to name body parts with pictures and real representations from their siblings (their age) during bath time, for example. There is no taboo about it...
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    do u think I have legit reasons for possible diaper prescription

    They will never prescribe actual diapers. In their book, it's only for bedridden, dependants patients with complete incontinence and no possible way to train them to acheive continence. They will get you on med (what you describe is probably an over active bladder). An urodynamic test would...
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    ABDL and working in a nursing home?

    I had similar experience back when I was working as a psycho-educator with special needs kids. Lots of them needed diapers and in some places, I had to change them. To be honest, changing them was for me, quite a routine thing and at worst, discusting. But I did enjoy managing the diapers...
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    Cloth diaper satisfaction?

    Youtube is your friend. They have tons of videos on how to pin diapers.
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    Full Day Diapered

    Reheated 1 day old coffee? Are you that desperate? Damn!!
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    Cloth and Disposable Fitting Questions

    You might have succes if you put it under a tighter brief to prevent your things from flopping around inside while you sleep.
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    Cloth and Disposable Fitting Questions

    In contact, I wonder how it could not be. So yes, it should point down. Difference, yes, many. Mainly price and reusability haha! Be more specific!
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    Code words

    Same. My gf just say "are you prepared for the night?" that mean she's asking if I already put my diaper on. She also refer to it as my diaper, often in disapointment when she hug me and find out I "prepared" early. "Oh no, you have a diaper on!" She said in a sad voice, probably hoping for more...