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  1. SallS

    Southern Comfort Confrence

    I attended Southern Comfort last week, this is tha largest transgender convention in the world with I heard more than 800 attending. Presentations are for the most part serious i.e. family law problems of divorce etc. and one study of peer reviewed journals concerning etiology (why we are trans)...
  2. SallS


    I am going to post this in each of the affinity groups. I will be doing a presentation at Southern Comfort (the largest transgender conference in the world) titled Transgender Identification Getting it Right. I want to include the traditional crossdresser, transgenderist, no-op, pre-op and...
  3. SallS

    Some what new to this

    Greetings An introduction is customary, so... I am transgender and identify as gender fluid, how I feel varies day to day but more female than male. I have been exploring the child I was, as a girl and love frilly girly dresses. I am also a researcher and ASD autism spectrum, aspergers and I...