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    I need help // in a VERY weird situation atm

    Hi, Hang on a minute = you are perfectly safe and in full control. Unless you've given them the key to your house! I presume you haven't given them any private access to you. If this is all via social media and computer = you're safe. So, take a breath and gather yourself, for yourself. Yes...
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    What do you think about spanking?

    To say that ABDL's are only about nurturing and caring isn't entirely true. It is true for some but not all. If you have seen as many amateur ABDL websites as I you would know that there is a spectrum: on the one side is the warm & caring, and on the other is dominance and submission - and that...
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    Partner doesn't like it?

    You sound young, and your boyfriend sounds even younger. I say this because the way you describe him sounds a bit clueless, like he doesn't know you or what you need, and also knows very little of the ABDLDDlg scene. My heart goes out to you, cos you're going to have to try to be more mature...
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    Sexual Trauma

    I've read this whole thread, and thanks to RoadLessTravelled for raising it. Yet it has no easy answer! I can admit I had a stressful childhood, and there's a vague possibility that I was "played with" as an infant, but how the hell would I remember that! What I've never been able to answer is...
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    hello... and new story The Argument 1 - Learning my place posted

    greetings all, well the story i posted caused some sort of storm, with a few folks calling for it to be deleted... and so it was. given the nature and wording of some of the complaints, i would have deleted it myself since it was never intended to offend anyone. i note that my "Reputation" has...
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    hello... and new story The Argument 1 - Learning my place posted

    hi everyone, i'm new to adisc but not to abdl,bdsm and so on. i've posted a story in the forum's finished stories area called The Argument 1 - Learning my place. if you read it, let me know what you think of it. if you like it, there's a couple more chapters. plasticpanties