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  1. WoXxY

    Omg!! Saw!! A!!

    Back on topic, the ABU's are modeled after a certain companies generic diapers-- in my picture, a Dollar General brand diaper. Pampers? Not even close. Generic diapers? Almost perfectly (pattern-wise).
  2. WoXxY

    baby shampoo

    Absolutely love the stuff but I don't use it very often. It feels like it leaves my hair even softer than regular shampoo does. My favorite is Huggies lavender baby wash and Johnsons baby shampoo a close second. I think I'm gunna hop in the shower now..
  3. WoXxY

    What should I do?

    The whole going to the doctor thing aside, try holding it for longer periods of time progressively. That should help get your capacity back to normal if your bladder has 'shrunk'. This practice should not cause any accidents if you aren't suffering from urge issues to begin with. Are you going...
  4. WoXxY

    Asexual AB/DLs?

    Toss my name into the hat. I am just not sexually attracted to the human form, male or female. That said, I am still attracted to females. I just have no desire to sexually objectify them or parts of them. Hell, I just never had the urge to 'do it' in my 30 years of living so far. If anything...
  5. WoXxY

    Daily use of Baby Powder

    I use it daily too for my diapers, but also for my underarms. Bedtime especially. Feelin' freshesher. :D On a related note, does anyone else's room they diaper/apply powder in accumulate alot of talc dust on everything? It didn't dawn on me why my room stayed dusty for the longest time..
  6. WoXxY

    Are cartoonist ab/dl's

    Add Camp Lazlo, Brandy and Mr. Whiskers, and Power Puff Girls to the list..
  7. WoXxY

    Do you hold it? Or let it flow?

    I "let it flow" most of the time because "holding it" usually isn't an option for more than a few seconds.
  8. WoXxY

    Do you use public restrooms

    I don't really use restrooms that much at home, so using a public one is extremely rare.
  9. WoXxY

    ok extremely great news for ABs and DLs

    Hey, I'd rather eat my words and have some pampers replicas, but this doesn't seem very likely at the moment. The concern I have is that you can hand-make diapers without machines. What dies are referring to? The ones that cut the leg contours (can be cut by hand with minimal effort) or the...
  10. WoXxY

    How long have you gone in a wet diaper

    I was snowed in at my friends' house and spent somewhere around 30 hours or so before being able to get home. It sucked very badly- I was adding makeshift 'booster pads' of TP and using the toilet frequently hoping to to keep it from leaking. Pants stayed dry but it resulted in a pretty stinging...
  11. WoXxY

    ok extremely great news for ABs and DLs

    Well, seeing as he hasn't posted in 3 weeks, he may have realized that he was in over his head by leading us on and just abandoned the site entirely. Until he clears the air and posts up pictures of the diapers he has supposedly produced, we should just let this thread sink into obscurity and...
  12. WoXxY

    Getting a car soon :D

    A couple things to point out: There's a Mitsubishi plant in Normal, IL. That car was built by Americans in America. Regardless, buying used cars does not give the car company any more money after the initial purchase. 200 FWHP means that it has 200 hp reaching the driven wheels and that the...
  13. WoXxY

    Tax the Church?

    Tax them half of normal rates. It would help while still giving them a 'break' at the same time. But of course, the money gained will no doubt be blown on stupid shit as is the usual practice..
  14. WoXxY

    Salt + Diapers?

    One important thing you guys may be overlooking, diapers are not filled entirely with that stuff. If they were, they'd just be bags of absorbant grains that would hold no shape, be virtually unable to wick fluid, and turn into a giant sagging loose gel glob when wet. Take a diaper apart and...
  15. WoXxY

    ok extremely great news for ABs and DLs

    I decided to read the other posts of his.. :detective3 Apparently, this guy has lived a very fast paced life for an 18 year old. 21-09-2009 "im 18 a HS senior and ive been wearin to school because i have easy classes and can change between classes at my truck" 21-09-2009 "ive got a decient...
  16. WoXxY

    What would this count as

    Since your 'incontinence episodes' are so far and few between, the best you could hope for is some kind of washable bedwetter pants. Disposable underpants for such infrequent wetting would be a huge waste of money. They are going to fall apart after being worn a few nights. I seriously doubt...
  17. WoXxY

    What Do You Hate

    ^ I'm straight and involved/interested in most 'manly' activites, but definatly not 'womanizing'. I view them as actual people and not just a body-- meaning I'll probably remain single for the rest of my life. Ya know, the whole nice guys finish last dillema. But anywho, I hate the fact that I...
  18. WoXxY

    Diaper run and found purple attends?

    Prevail also uses that color for their 'regular' size diapers. It's a shame more comanies don't make that size.
  19. WoXxY

    The joys of incontinence/overactive bladder at work

    That sounds like how I used to be at a job I had a few years back. I used to wear pull-ups at work. I was usually about 15 feet from the bathroom and I was fairly free to use it most of the time. As I had to go urgently and often, I almost never made it to lunch without needing a change.. And...
  20. WoXxY

    Playing with Lego: the coolest device ever!

    I meant the text on the youtube page.. cut and pasted the relevant ones. "Lego felt tip 110" printer connected to an Apple Mac. This is not mindstorms, I designed/built/coded it all from scratch including analog motor electronics, sensors and printer driver, the USB interface uses a "wiring"...