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    Molicare Premium soft super absorbancy

    I was wearing those on a daily basis last year and for some reasons, I stoped buying them. I liked how they where slim enough for daytime but absorbant enough for night time. Now I bought a case and I was suprised how less absorbant they are. They can handle a night time use, but I feel so wet...
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    Looking for feedback on ConfortAir PM extended Wear briefs

    I'm looking for someone educated review on this diaper? It's new to me and I'm wondering if it's worty of a try. ComfortAire PM Extended Wear Overnight Incontinence Briefs, Size Large, Case 56 Count - Incontinence Briefs and Diapers Any infos?
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    Request review on Kendall Wings HL...

    WINGS HL? ULTRA 3D? Adult Brief Anyone tryed this line of Kendall diapers before? I have some Kendall Lille, the one with the little stars on it, but I never tried theses. I'm wondering how well it fit, with only 2 velcro tabs. If you got pictures of the actual diaper, feel free to link it...