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    Well, I think it's about time I come out of the shadows.

    I've been a member of this site for quite a while but haven't really contributed a whole lot. A doubt any of my friends are here anymore, but I think I want to be part of the community again. It's been wonderful watching how much this community has grown since I've joined. Let this be my formal...
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    First time wearing in years last week...

    Really felt great. I'm in the military, and for obvious reasons couldn't wear at all. Due to to financial and other reasons I haven't been home in a year. Came home a few weeks ago, after being away for a whole year (left last June) and finally got a chance to wear. Had my bags with me and a lot...
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    Any military folk out here?

    Besides not beig able to enjoy my fetish, I am enjoying military life. Well, for the most part. :/ But yeah, it's mostly good. Anybody else out here? I'm a Sailor, and surprisingly a lot of people openly express their fetishes out here.
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    If more people in the world knew about *B/DLism...

    Do you think it would cause a few more people to get into it? Or about the same? I think there would be a few curious kittens who would try it and like it. But even then, we should be careful of who we expose to it. We may enjoy it but they just don't feel the same way. It's the mentality...
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    Crossing over to this side...

    I've been 18 a while but it's about time I started posting here instead of Teen Baby forum. So, hewwo all. ^.^; I always like making new fwiends, so pwease, full free to PM me.
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    Every time someone mentions Abena or whatever the brand is..

    Specifically M4, I always think of the firearm. It's widely used in the U.S. military. I just hope that when I am enlisted I I won't do vice-versa ^_^;
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    Your most awkward DL-related moment

    Man oh man, do I have a tricky one. I may have posted it here a long time ago but I can't remember. A few years back in my Junior English class we were on computers working on a final, and my friend as usual is not working om anything. She was on a fanfic site, I can't remember the exact name...
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    It's getting cold, friends. How do you warm up?

    Yep, the lovely wintervseason is coming around. How do you warm up? I do my usual. Long sleeved shirts with all the windows shut. Might make hot chocolate eventually. I usually stay under blankets and lay cideo games but I'm still freezing my booty off T.T Somebody warm me up. Now. ----------...
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    A Re-Introduction to Tasi

    Hello all, I have been away from here for years now and would like to explain myself now that I have returned. My name is Tasi and if you wanna call me that, feel free to. I hate my oh-so-generic lame username on here so my real name is better. Anyway, I'm somewhat of a TB, (aren't a lot of us...
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    Pictures of yourself wearing...Have you?

    Have you of yourself wearing diapers? =O You naughty little thing, you. Anyway, looking for answers, not pictures. P.S. Sorry sorry if the poll doesn't work ><
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    Ever found *B/DLs on other sites?

    I mean besides these communities. Ive met a few DLs on random forums and stuff.
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    Good plan for buying diapers.

    Using advice from many people on this site, i thought a plan for buying diapers the first time. This is pretty much my plan, and most of these ideas i credit to other users here. So here's the idea: Wait till your parents are for sure going to be gone for a little while, and then leave to the...
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    Any *B/DLs in Washington/Oregon?

    If so, then hi! To be specific, i live in Vancouver, next to Portland.
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    Bleh. Theres like no *B/DLs where I live.

    I haven't met any in RL yet. At least that I know of.
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    Good first diaper?

    Might start wearing again. My waistline is 30. What would be good to start with? Im looking for something thin and discreet, and if it doesnt sound too weird, something really cute too, probably with designs. Any advice?
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    Anyone into rap/hip-hop?

    Cuz im into both diapers and rap. Just seeing if theres anyone like me :D
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    Advice please?

    So me and this guy like each other but we are not dating yet. We are going to soon and idk if i should tell him im a DL. He might be too though, cuz hes a furry and i can tell he might be. But i dont want to screw things up. Sooo should i tell him? If so how long should i wait?
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    Hi i'm new here ^_^

    Hi everyone! I finally decided to sign up for this site. So i'm a 15 year old guy, i'm bi on the edge of completely gay. I'm only DL and right now I don't wear diapers cuz I have no way of getting them without my parents knowing. Only person who knows in RL is my best friend and I pretty much...