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  1. twtw

    Is there such thing as a good pull on?

    For those of you who don't know, Goodnites Boxers where discontinued. I know a lot of people hated them but I loved them because they held a lot and provided the advantages of a pull on. So I stocked up on them but it feels wrong to use them. So I'm looking for something to replace them. I...
  2. twtw

    All the fun you can have in a Slimline

    So I had some Slimlines and ATNs I'd bought a few months ago that I'd never given a really good try. I was planning to go back to school to take some pictures at a volleyball game on Wednesday. Slipped the thing on about an hour before I left. Since I waited a while before leaving I had to make...
  3. twtw

    Constantly being downgraded to lurker

    I go through some pretty big purges, and I have a life outside this forum. Every so often I have to go on a posting spree so I am no longer a lurker (such as now). Why does this have to be.
  4. twtw

    Marketing to Boomers

    I don't know if this is the right place to post, and I'm sorry if it's not, but I heard something on the radio this morning about how incontinence products are being marketed to boomers. The rebel generation, who don't want to act old or be like their parents. Sell it with a laugh YouTube -...
  5. twtw

    New Huggies brand

    I've always preferred baby diapers, it's just me, but I digress. Huggies has launched a new diaper for the premium eco-friendly market (great timing with this recession and all), while they only go to size 5, I have seen similar brands got up to size seven (41+ lbs). Has anyone ever tried these...
  6. twtw

    Hi (yet Again)

    I'm biftos. Sort of struggling with my fetish right now. I'm trying to find away to either "cure" it or learn to deal with it.