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  1. SulliLan

    canadian diaper supplers??

    i have been buying my diapers from a suppler in Canada but the name B4NS. now i have seen a few other places around Canada that sell diapers but i can find them anymore. i was wondering if any one out there knows of a Canadian suppler of diapers out there that either sell, Molicare, secure...
  2. SulliLan

    sand creations

    for those of you that love good art, song and a nice melody to go along with it this, i think, may make you cry as it has made me. i am part ukranian and watching this touched me. sorry that it's it own topic but i feel it deserves one. YouTube - Kseniya Simonova - Sand Animation (??????? ...
  3. SulliLan

    New pup on the block

    hello, my name is sulli, im an arctic white wolf with blue fur, not white, 2 years old babyfur, yes i wear, yes i got a few baby things. also have an adult fursona of the same animal, a furend sent me a like to this sit and i been browsing around for the last bit. im into computers, electronics...