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    Periods & Diapers

    I've tried but it's not great. You really don't want period blood being against you for as long as you'd wear a diaper. As others have mentioned they're not designed with periods in mind. I find my skin gets very irritated and will uncomfortably stick to the diaper often. Very yucky.
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    Bedroom toy

    I had one of these types of projectors but it broke. It was an ocean waves projector though.
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    ABU DinoRarwZ thoughts and Opinions??

    I love them. I'm a huge fan of dinosaurs and hook and loop tapes so these tick all the boxes for me. The capacity is good, but I have had a tape rip once because I tried to fasten it too tight. Never had tapes slip though.
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    Washing powder with the most babyish scent

    If it's available, I can't recommend Dreft enough. It's made by the same company as Pampers and smells just like them. I recommend the scent beads
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    Ho tp make my blanket to smell of talc

    Can't agree with this more. LOVE the scent
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    Johnson’s zinc oxide cornstarch baby powder discontinued!

    I'm perfectly fine with potentially cancer inducing products being pulled off shelves. I'm glad J&J is being held responsible.
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    Will baby lotion cause diapers to break down?

    If you don't need it, I'd avoid any lotions. I don't have experience personally using lotions and diapers but I've heard many stories of leak guards coming loose and causing a big mess
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    How much powder?

    Whatever feels right. I sprinkle a moderate amount in. Enough for my skin to feel soft and dry but not enough to make "baby powder cement"
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    Diaper Genie

    If you guys have cats or know someone with cats, kitty litter buckets with lids are pretty good. And empty ones are free in most cases. One man's trash is another man's treasure.
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    An obvious public sighting, don't hesitate to share yours!

    Totally cool to admire people respectfully. But staring at someone's butt in public is inappropriate.
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    Always discreet underwear

    I quite like them. For a pull up their absorbancy is alright and I like the way they swell. They also fit very well on me. Like a very comfy pair of undies.
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    Plus size diapers

    I'm a bigger girl and it's not too hard. I'm around the same size more or less. Large Crinklz fit well. I can squeeze into a large Little Pawz but XL will be a better fit.
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    Pet Peeves Thread

    I also can't stand people who don't wash their hands and don't clean up after themselves. I once had some seriously gross roommates. I cleaned the kitchen and living room and came out with 5 full trash bags of garbage. What's the first thing they do walking in the door? Throw their coat on the...
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    Pet Peeves Thread

    I don't mind when people speed because it doesn't slow me down any. When people go slow it drives me nuts though ughhhhh. My commute to work involves a long 1 lane road with the speed limit being 65mph. Every single day there's people going 40-45 with a huge trail of cars behind them.
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    Leaks happen easier with a booster than without...

    You need a diaper with tall leak guards for bulky boosters. You're right in saying excessive swelling cancels out the function of leak guards
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    Diapers from wish

    They do look nice though. It's a shame they're so awful
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    Medical Gloves and adult diapers

    That's a pretty creepy thing to ask a stranger, who has said they have a partner. No
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    What diaper are you wearing right now?

    About to lay down for a nap in a fresh Northshore Supreme lite
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    Medical Gloves and adult diapers

    Whatever is available. It doesn't really matter as long as it doesn't tear. Be aware of latex allergies though
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    I was spanked as a kid. Though I don't think spanking is a good punishment at all and there are way better non-aggressive ways to discipline a child. All I learned was my parents were awful at managing their emotions and getting points across without getting physical.