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  1. Beowulf

    AB/DL/??, do we require a third category?

    I never really liked the ABDL acronym.
  2. Beowulf

    Bad habits that you still have.

    Due to a neurological tick I had to sit on my hands to prevent myself from doing the tick, I sometimes still sit on my hands.
  3. Beowulf

    Who else here is inseparable from their favourite stuffy?

    Death, Murder, Destruction: I sleep Someone hurts my stuffed animal:
  4. Beowulf

    Meet my new plush! JellyCat’s Large Dexter Dragon!

    Glad I could spread the love! I seriously love this fluffy boi! Makes me feel bad, like I’m betraying my other stuffies😭 but he’s so cuddly and cute!
  5. Beowulf


    I recently bought a Large Dexter Dragon by JellyCat on Amazon. He’s 35 inches! He’s also quite expensive tbh.
  6. Beowulf

    Meet my new plush! JellyCat’s Large Dexter Dragon!

    This one is super soft and great to cuddle. It’s practically a small dog in size. I love how the tail wraps around and twists.
  7. Beowulf

    Meet my new plush! JellyCat’s Large Dexter Dragon!

    Yea! It’s so hard to find good stuffed animals that are of larger size!
  8. Beowulf

    Meet my new plush! JellyCat’s Large Dexter Dragon!

    I got him on Amazon for $75. He’s a bit expensive but he’s 35 inches and quite soft and cuddly! He’s very floppy and squishy! He’s quite cuddly. My only complaint is that the filling is too soft. I actually stuffed my moose to be THICC so when I hugged him he’d be firmer. I have yet to sleep...
  9. Beowulf

    Environmental Impact

    I use to be but honestly when you look at the collective dumpster fire that is humanity... it’s a drop in the ocean. However yes that doesn’t give you the right to litter or over consume but the issue is what you do as an individual is irrelevant. Lest everyone makes an effort to be “green” then...
  10. Beowulf

    Worried About Things Disappearing?

    I’m worried one day my favorite stuffie will get damaged or lost!
  11. Beowulf

    Goodnites VS Full ABDL Diapers

    I usually wear Goodnite as well, however I’ve since bought Bear Hugz and the actual adult diaper is of course better. The trick is to find an adult diaper that’s non ABDL so the price ain’t like 3$ per diaper. I’m big on cost personally. However the bear hugs are super comfy and worth it!
  12. Beowulf

    Boys or Girls? Which Do You Prefer?

    Boys who look like girls:cool: best of both worlds if anime has taught me anything oh wait that’s not the topic lmao
  13. Beowulf

    Goodnites bad batch

    I’ve experienced the same before as well.
  14. Beowulf

    Halloween: Have you? Would you? Etc.

    Good god I could never
  15. Beowulf

    If you seen an unopened package of nappies you first wore as a child in a charity/thrift shop?

    I wore the Barney Luvs and would definitely buy some!
  16. Beowulf

    (UK) D. Turner goes Public (public eye already - allowed) (no disaster)

    Regardless people will not “accept” this like society has “accepted” homosexuality (which yes we’ve never have had it so good but we’re not really accepted) Not to mention a “sexuality” (some still think it’s a choice) is not comparable to in they eye of most a “dirty fetish”, doesn’t matter...
  17. Beowulf

    Is Lining a Diaper With Toilet a Good Idea??

    Best corse of action imo is to not mess your diaper
  18. Beowulf

    (UK) D. Turner goes Public (public eye already - allowed) (no disaster)

    Adam cast did a piece on this guy. Makes me mad because now Turner is setting a bad example. I like Adam and I don’t blame him for his reaction, but this is serious bad publicity. D. Turner is an exhibitionist and a detriment to ABDLs. Now yes that maybe harsh because I’m sure people would’ve...
  19. Beowulf

    Do you have/will you ever get tattoos?

    I like tattoos and want to get some, however I’m picky. I can’t stand it when someone has a bunch of random ass shit all over the place. My sister for example has a bunch of separate tats that don’t connect in any way close together. Call me OCD because I am.
  20. Beowulf

    Movie theaters finally coming back!!

    Yea cause the Cunt Baker decided to make a holy decree because people were still gathering. Fak’n cunt. Movie theatre is opening near me but they can’t serve concessions because apparently popcorn spreads super AIDS or some shit. Most of their revenue comes from food so combine that with less...