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  1. Jinks

    Mad at USPS (waiting for my ConvertUps)

    made my night :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: those convertups look pretty expensive... Good luck with further shipment
  2. Jinks

    What is your preference for plastic pants fit? Tight or puffy

    I like mine to be perfectfit So I would include me as tight wearer. The the problems that I have wearing plastic pants is that they usually dig into my skin and that hurts after hours of wearing..
  3. Jinks

    Every week this happens

    I’m a little bit different, I really like my job and don’t mind working extra shifts even on my days off. So if I don’t have anything planned I have nothing against working. And hey it’s extra pay even though I don’t need it! I don’t wear diapers to work, so I would also take it off before I...
  4. Jinks

    How long before you wet?

    usually as soon as I put it on :)
  5. Jinks

    Anyone else enjot the smell of there mess

    Nope, not me...
  6. Jinks

    Wet dreams

    As I said I don’t wear to bed, but I always wake up after I would definitely would know if I did wear
  7. Jinks

    night change

    I don’t wear to sleep so I don’t have to change :p anyway I would find that really annoying if I would have to get up in the middle of the night and change my diaper. I’d rather just get up and go to the bathroom real quick and go back to Sleep.
  8. Jinks

    Drinking and Diapers

    Not me, I don’t get drunk anymore. Those days are over! :p I don’t mind having a drink or two, but I do not drink to get drunk... And I would not put on a diaper extra just for that. It would either be I want to wear or I don’t.
  9. Jinks

    Are Goodnights S/M bigger then pullups 4t-5t?

    I have a stupid question, but what does 4-5T stand for?
  10. Jinks

    Babysitter and diapers

    Funny thing is that I have no memories at all wearing diapers as baby or toddler. I don’t even think that I had an outside babysitter.I was usually watched by family...
  11. Jinks

    Another Close Call Story

    I don’t know but I would’ve said yeah I ordered them! Why lie? This could cause things to be a lot more difficult and you not being trusted anymore . It would’ve been the perfect opportunity. If something came up like why?? Wtf? I would just say I don’t know, came upon an ad browsing the...
  12. Jinks

    What to do when you wake up with a diaper soaked and still sleepy?

    Well I don’t have that problem because I never sleep in diapers. I only wear mine during the day until I go to bed. I know that sucks, but I just can’t get any good sleep when I wear to bed. All I do is twist and turn and don’t get hardly any sleep. But if I did and wake up soaked - I think I...
  13. Jinks

    Big Diaper Break, life update. Plus new girl.

    Hey congratulations on your new place and the new girl! Don’t worry about all the stuff that you threw away. What’s gone is gone, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t get more. I understand that you are happy with your new girl and that you are scared that things could get bad if you tell her...
  14. Jinks

    For those who told their partners

    I wrote this in a different thread before: Somehow I told my wife after a couple of months in our relationship. But until then I wore baby diapers with with tape. My wife (back then my girlfriend) was the one that said that I should buy some that would fit... So we looked online and bought some...
  15. Jinks

    If forced, who is the one person you would tell who doesn’t already know?

    To be honest, for 1 million I would tell anybody and the whole world! I wouldn’t care at all!!
  16. Jinks

    Wet dreams

    I tried so many times but that just doesn’t work for me...
  17. Jinks

    Wet dreams

    I had wet dreams all my life ever since being a teenager. Even now as an adult I have them once in a while. I do not like having them because it all goes in my underwear and I don't like the feeling. I always wake up after a wet dream and feel embarrassed. sometimes I will even have a wet dream...
  18. Jinks

    Awkward friends diaper comment

    OK long story with a little background info, here it is. I think my interest in diapers started with 11 after seeing my friend's brother being changed into a diaper in the evening. And after getting into diapers myself it turned out to be something that I just can't stop or give up. I do not...
  19. Jinks

    Awkward friends diaper comment

    I told her when she was about 8 or 9.
  20. Jinks

    Awkward friends diaper comment

    She is 13 now.