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    epistemology of brain and reality: I have learned that I am a spectator of a hologram created from my brain out of my biological perceptions(optical, acoustic, sensoric). What about you? One (further) example: Imagine a conscious robot with only one black and white camera. His software can...
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    Pampers Baby Dry Size 8 available in EU now

    I got a package of Size 8 Pampers from a local drugstore last week. They're fitting me with 160 lbs and holding up my wetting without leaking. They are stretchable up to 95cm waistline and the tapes are holding strong enough under strain.
  3. LittleFellow

    Diaper TENS mod

    I've tried something wired with unexpected success so I decided to share. Placing TENS electrodes in the right manner in your wet diaper and to your body would make the current flow through the urine in your diaper to the bodyparts in contact with the wet diaper close to the other electrode...
  4. LittleFellow

    How to Handle a Friend Wearing Adult Diapers

    Link to wikiHow guide: How to Handle a Friend Wearing Adult Diapers I'll have to show that to all of my friends, hoping they'ld carry my diaper bag and keep a stash of diapers for me at home. :D (My best friend already keeps some diapers for me at home.)
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    GOO.N Super Big Diapers

    Japanese Baby Diapers and Pullups up to 35kg !!! available in the US offering free samples
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    dutch report about AgePlay

    nice one
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    Wearing to school as a teacher?

    This topic sounds freaky doesn't it ? As a student for Master of Education in Mathematics and Physics (and as a diaper loving frequent diaper wearer) I got a surpise today . Last September I did a 4 week practical in a nearby high school for a seminar. Today as I was fetching the practical...
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    Hey there my dear fellows!

    Hey there my dear fellows! I've read threads in this forum for several years now, but never posted here until now. Please be thoughtful with me because I'm not a native english speaker. I'm a hypersensitive highly intelligent guy studying Master of Education for Mathematics and Physics in...