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  1. Vae

    Pull-ups vs Traditional

    To be honest, I have no idea what the terms are, but that's the purpose of this post. :) I went to the store the other day. Like I've said elsewhere, I don't wear diapers, but I'm in love with a man who does. So I'm trying to get a handle on things. This question should be really simple! Which...
  2. Vae

    To dress or be dressed

    Here is the start of the many questions I have. :) Admittedly, I feel a little intimidated to ask questions because I am so green to a lot about this lifestyle. I'm aching to learn more but I really, really hope I never come off insulting or judgmental. I'm just thirsty to learn more. So my...
  3. Vae


    I had to use gaming terms, because it's easier on me. Hi everyone! I'm never sure how to start posts like these. I don't know whether to talk about myself, why I'm here, how I found it or the best way to introduce myself without appearing like an asshole. So I guess I'll share the story. I...