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    Tesco Supermarket *Selling Small Adult/Teenager Nappies* 2 Tabs Each Side *UK*

    The waist side is identical to the old Libero Junior from Tena, the XS size of adult adult range. The very wide padding at the crotch (18cm) will provide a good leak proof, but this nappies will be more advised for night time use or for non-walking disabled children. An XS pull ups or drynight...
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    Good everyday diaper?

    Hi Sophiaa, I think the Drylife nappies could make the deal for your everyday use. They hold better than Tena Slip maxi for example, they have reliable tapes and a very good feel dry pad. You can find a case (3x15 diapers) for 27£ VAT free (it seems you can easily buy VAT-free incontinent...
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    Seni Kids

    Being curious, I bought a package with month ago. Seni is a German brand, so quite easy to find on the web in France. The diaper is as thick as a baby diaper (pamper S6 or 7). I would say it's the same size as an XS diaper. The Libero Junior from Tena is wider (about equal to an adult small...
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    You have to know you will only find cloth-like tena slip maxi. Anyway, the slip maxi are really great when you are looking for a diaper being active. The fitting of the diaper is great, better than abena M4 or L4. Where do you plan to go skiing ? in France ? Switzerland ? Austria ?
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    Where is your favourite place to use Diapers?

    Wetting the diaper in bed is really relaxing for me :smile1:
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    Diapers in Europe

    You are welcome ! Enjoy your trip, diapered or not :D
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    Sleeping Wet

    I do agree with you sleeping in a wet bed is very uncomfortable, and as a kid I woke up once the wet sheets became cold. Plus the plastic sheet over the bed made the wetness spread even more. On the contrary, a wet diaper stays warm and cosy :smile: - - - Updated - - - In fact, a wet diaper...
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    When people lose bladder control from wearing

    I don't think wearing diapers could induce a real incontinence, but releasing your bladder each time you feel the need to pee when diapered could make the holding more difficult when you ll be out of diapers. Same for the night time: you can get used to pee through your sleep. I dont think that...
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    Dealing with cache of diapers before I move away

    Give most of them to a DL friend and keep few diapers for you, It can be comforting to know you 've got few diapers on hand.
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    It s also fun to feel hot pee flooding the diaper :biggrin:
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    Yeah snowboarding being in diapers is great:smile1:
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    Diapers in Europe

    Hi, Monop and Franprix are centre city supermarkets, they are often too little to offer the whole range of baby diapers. (Drynites are sold with baby diapers in France). In bigger hypermarkets like Auchan, Geant, Leclerc, you ll find the whole range of baby diapers including Drynites. Big kid...
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    Tena ultima in the uk

    The plastic landing zone is not low enough so the lower tapes land on the cloth-like backing and they dont stick:sad: Also the tapes are not strong enough to hold the diaper weight once it's wet. And last things, I think they are really overpriced, the Euron maxi plus are as much absorbent and...
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    I like those attends 10 slip active to wear during the day. They are very reliable and can hold 2 big pees without issue (while standing, maybe not sitting down). They are very discrete and quite chip (18 to 20 euro, so around 25$ for a package of 28 medium diapers there in France). But I dont...
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    Tips to cut down on wet nights, and leaks.

    Hi EPO1, you said "Back when I was a teen & bedwetting (well that has persisted unfortunately to this very day), my parents tried EVERYTHING... I mean everything". You were (are) the one who had (has) bedwetting, not your parents. This problem were firstly your, and the way they acted, they...
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    Tips to cut down on wet nights, and leaks.

    It is not advised at all to limit your daily liquid, your kidneys do need water to make their job which is to eliminate protein's wastes, toxins, etc . The more you drink and pee during the day, the less your kidneys will produce pee during the night. So you should drink at least 1.5 litre of...
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    Hi Everyone

    Welcome to Adisc too
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    Hi, I'm new to Adisc, from France

    I'm into sports (snowboard, hiking, swimming) , photography , music . I do enjoy rugby too but I don't practice anymore . In fact I' m less into diapers i.e I don't wear them as often as I used few years ago, when I slept diapered every night with a great Abena X-plus.
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    Hi, I'm new to Adisc, from France

    Hi all I m a 33 man from France, I've been into diapers (DL) since I tried adult diapers when I was 19, but my diaper fetish is linked to my childhood and teen years :biggrin: I used to participate to Aby's forum when they were up and I joined Abkingdom more than 10 years ago (my pseudo is...