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    Double Accident

    I use the toilet when changing this way If i need to have a bowel movement so it wont happen in my diaper :) or at least the risk of it happening is reduced.
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    Best diaper for upcoming road trip

    Tykables work great but I wear Betterdry diapers as they have proven to be the best for me, I will be ordering the new Tykable Camies on my next restock to test them out as they look like a more adult printed diaper the overnights. I wish tykables offered a plain white version of their diapers
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    Bladder scan

    Definitely time for a second opinion as most urologists would want to handle your bladder issue, bladder retention can become a life threatening issue if you retain to much and it starts to seep back into your kidneys. you may only have a slight retention issue at the moment but any retention...
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    Worried about the progression of IC.

    Hi Bobbilly Ok where to start If you are noticing dribbles and wet spots even when not wearing diapers you may have already weakened your muscles to the point of needing some form of protection to keep your pants dry. Incontinence is not something you can turn on and off again at will and...
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    Grrr... any tips for cleaning car interior?

    Your dealer ship may offer detailing I just had our car done it was just under $200 for a complete cleaning and shampoo of seats
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    Diaper accident?

    Unfortunately bowel accidents do happen, fortunately my diaper has contained the accidents with no leakage. I head straight to the closest bathroom to clean up and change.
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    When changing in public.

    Other then at Disney my backpack has only been searched once at a walmart, the search ended quickly once the supervisor realized what it contained it was a busy day and I guess they were having stock shrinkage so they were checking all backpacks. For me it was a non issue but I think she was a...
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    Check out Tykables they make a really comfortable Romper and their sizing chart is very figure out. I have to admit I went on a buying spree last year with birthday and Christmas plus the fee I bought I think im up to 21 a mixture of Tykables onesies and Rompers. I bought a lot of the Polo...
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    6 Months 24/7

    November will be the start of my 6th year being diapered 24/7 I no longer own any underwear.
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    When in diapers, what do you wear over them at home if any?

    If its just my wife and my self 90% of the time I am in just a diaper in the summer time and when it gets cold I wear a onesie
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    Question about incontinence

    My incontinence issues started with post pee leaks (Mini surges) I started to notice damp underware but did not put 2 and 2 together untill I had a wet spot on my pants while in walmart. I started to wear depends real fit for men for a couple of months but unfortunately my bladder issue kicked...
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    Bedwetting & Sleepovers

    Nocturnal incontinence can happen at any age as can daytime issues, theres no shame in needing to wear a diaper at night. Find a plain white diaper you can trust and then go to the sleep over. If some one notices explain its a medical issue and leave it at that, any one I have told so far...
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    Where do you prefer to buy your diapers and kind.

    I order from multiple suppliers here in Canada and from Tykables (they have reasonable shipping costs to Canada) it all depends on availability and price. Daynite care Rearz Healthwick
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    When changing in public.

    I have 2 diaper supply bags in the car 1 backpack with a complete change of clothes and supplies 2 a diaper sling bag by skip-hop cameo design that holds 2 or 3 betterdry diapers (main diaper bag) When out and about I carry my sling bag as its light weight and easy to carry, after almost...
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    What's the best "24/7" diaper?

    Betterdry or Crinklz get my vote followed by Tykables Cammies or Rearz new Hybrid diaper
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    when did you wear your diapers full time?

    almost 6 years ago for an OAB issue
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    Incontinence from IBS?

    Unfortunately yes IBS can lead to dual IC issues or the reverse bowel issues can follow years of bladder IC and diaper usage. im in the later as after 4 years or so of being diapered 24/7 Im now experiencing unexpected bowel issues that are getting worse over time. Incontinence either bowel...
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    Comparison of current incontinence products

    Hi Martin I have found Betterdry or Crinklz (Printed version of the Betterdry diapers) works best for me, followed by the new Rearz incontrol hybrid diaper and Tykables Cammies. for me retail brand taped diapers are not worth it as the ones I have tried leaked more often then not. Try...
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    Tykables cammies

    There was a manufacturing error on their first batch the factory decided to put the colour change ink on the entire in side of the diaper including the wings, Tykaables now has a onsite rep that keeps an eye on the manufacture so the next batch expected later this year will no longer have the...
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    Is it just me or Rearz reviews seem fabricated/sketchy?

    Rearz has a new diaper company that deals with their new plain white medical diapers, I just placed my third order yesterday for my Dad and I have to say they work great and are comfortable and absorbent. I have allways had good service from both Rearz and the new company, I think a lot of...