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    New Zealand Nappies

    My order arrived yesterday and I tried one last night. I tend to pee about one too two letters a night and found plenty of capacity left, which is always a good thing to me. Im not used to plastic backed and the loud crinkle noises when walking or rolling over in bed but I believe a lot of...
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    Calming effect from wearing Diapers?

    Sad about your wife but she gave good advice about making the wearing off Dippers enjoyable rather than a negative problem. She sounds like a lovely lady
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    Soaking A Diaper

    Your lucky it stade intact. One of mine got mixed in with the washing once by mistake and what a mess that was 😭 I think I had hidden it in a hurry and forgotten it 🤭
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    Double Accident

    That can be so frustrating. Luckily it seldom happens to me.
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    Double Accident

    Not knowing if I have peed myself has been happening a lot more lately. My incontinence has been getting worse at a lot faster rate than in the past. I messed myself this morning with everyone home. First time this has happened around other people close by. Luckily I'm pretty sure only my wife...
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    Double Accident

    Wet the floor a few times between changes. Probably the most annoying was peeing on the floor before getting in the shower cleaning it up and as soon as I stood up again I wet the floor again.
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    Help with baby powder

    With pull ups I usually pull them most of the way up then pour some into my hand and pat or rub it in the right places. Having the pull-up most of the way on let's it catch most of the extra from getting on the floor.
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    New Zealand Nappies

    Good luck I hope you do well I just ordered a sample pack.
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    Bad habits that you still have.

    I still pick my nose, If I am reading I'll often have a finger or thumb in my mouth, I don't so much suck but bite to the point where it gets painful I do the same to the webbing between my thumb and for finger. I also put things in my mouth alot and fiddle with bits of paper toothpicks...
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    Grrr... any tips for cleaning car interior?

    It is well worth while investing in good quality waterproof canvas seat covers . I have had several accidents on mine and thay clean up easily and don't smell
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    Dwelling on the past

    I don't feel any nostalgia for wy childhood and would not like to live it again especially my school years. I went to 10 different schools and hated every day. I vowed never to have anything to do with a teacher ever again but I have been married to one for the last 27 years,🥰😂
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    I just introduced my self earlier and saying hey here too

    I use advance pull ups for daytime use. I don't know if you can get them where you live. I just look up incontinence supplies every so often and it I find something new I will order a free sample or a small package for a trial. It is usually cheaper to order in bulk once you find something that...
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    I just introduced my self earlier and saying hey here too

    Welcome to the community. I have found it to have lots of good people with good advice and understanding. And I am sure you will to.
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    Pacifier use

    That sounds really good but we don't have one in New Zealand. I'll just have to settle for buying one.
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    Pacifier use

    😭 I gave it away to one of my nephews just before Xmas.
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    Pacifier use

    I suck on one when I go to bed quite often. I don't know why but I find it relaxing. Sometimes I loose it in my sleep but most of the time I wake up in the morning with it still in my mouth. I just realized while writing this that it puts me into little space despite the fact that I didn't...
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    Cloth diaper questions

    You can use small hand towels thay work well and you fold and or layer as meny as you need. I bought a bunch all the same color so we didn't get them mixed up with the ones we use on our hands and face
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    What are some of the best Pull Ups you have ever wore?

    Advance supper work really well for me. Good tall leg guards. Thay are unisex but work better than any other pull ups I have tried by a long way. Day time use only .Tena and attend are a wast of money for me and will leak. And if I mess myself I may as well not be wearing one at all
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    What clothes are you wearing right now?

    Shorts, socks , short sleeve sweat shirt and pull-up
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    PeekABU swag, anyone sporting a hat?

    I could get away with wearing the shirt with the raccoon 🦝 as I have been a possum trapper for about 13 years or so . I would just pretend it represented my job 😁