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  1. Cake

    Plastic Pants - Retail?

    I was wondering if there was a retail store that sells plastic pants for incontinence or something like that-basically is there anywhere that sells adult plastic pants? Preferably if Walgreens has something like that in their store? Thanks a lot!
  2. Cake

    Covering Diapers?

    Hey everyone, I just bought a pack of Pull-Ups and Goodnites. I was gonna try covering the Goodnites with the Pull-Ups because I can only fit in Goodnites and it wouild make it look cooler :cool:. But I'm kind of having trouble: I ripped the Pull-Ups apart at the velcro, but now I am wondering...
  3. Cake


    I was Cake from the old forums at tbdl.org and before that name change I was TB1993. I've been meaning to register here but I've been too lazy, so today I finally did it :P