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  1. SteveC1981

    Glancing at Others Backside

    I'm picturing that in my head and I don't think staring at rear ends for diapers is going to work too well. With the way fashions are (thin diapers, big pants), it's just too hard to see diapers to begin with. Did I mention staring at peoples' butts might be considered weird? If you...
  2. SteveC1981

    Public experience

    Yeah, even if I were to come upon another non-baby diaper wearer, it's not like I'm going to rush up and call them out. A little discretion is nice to begin with. Think of what that really makes you look like. This is the REAL world (with real people; different from the internet) Sometimes we...
  3. SteveC1981

    Is it over for me? (diapers)

    Well, I don't know your mom, so I'm not sure how she'd react to being asked those sort of questions. :o Although asking this way seems pretty logical, it's still going to be awkward asking your mom about diapers at 3:30 in the morning because you wet your bed. If you want to ask her without...
  4. SteveC1981

    Why is there not a friend finder section/feature?

    I'm not totally familiar with these kinds of forums, so I'm not sure what a friend finder feature really is, but I'm happy keeping the lines of communication focused on here rather than trying to get people "hooking up" with each other. I guess I have to add myself to the adisc map sometime...
  5. SteveC1981

    The official car thread :D

    Am I worried as much about Ford? While I am concerned a bit (right now, cash on hand is their big thing), the fact that they are confident enough to say they are willing to go it alone and not ask for taxpayer money says they they are willing to make intelligent decisions. Right now...
  6. SteveC1981

    The official car thread :D

    Personally, I'm waiting to see how the Fiat "partnership" pans out....it could make things VERY interesting. As it stands right now, I'd also consider Chrysler the most at-risk. Outside of North America, Chrysler basically does not exist (unlike Ford and GM, which are global companies, and...
  7. SteveC1981

    AB/DL/TB as stress relief?

    I'm not into the baby stuff myself, so I can't vouch for those effects, but as far as stress relief, well...I can't really say it's stressful wearing one, so I'll say yes to that (although I don't wear all that much). Compared to other methods of stress relief, putting one on is not harmful...
  8. SteveC1981

    Are the Japanese brainwashing us?

    Actually, I'm with Huggies on this...about the closest I've gotten to anime was the Inspector Gadget cartoons on Nickelodeon when I was a kid (apparently, now that's a long time ago...) Maybe we can fight fire with fire and brainwash the Japanese with reality TV :laugh:
  9. SteveC1981

    Guy gets his head inside an elephant's ass

    Yeah, that just brings up memories of the first Police Academy movie (same idea, except with a horse, and it was fictional)...and one of the best lines from it: "You told NO ONE?..." "not a soul, sir" (meanwhile, everyone is cracking up)
  10. SteveC1981

    The official car thread :D

    LOL, my first "car" was a Ford Aerostar (not something they pushed towards soccer moms :D). On the flip side, minivans do have certain upsides... I just find it funny that Ford is trying to reinvent the minivan into a cargo machine (the new, ugly Transit Connect is mostly for cargo buyers...
  11. SteveC1981

    The official car thread :D

    I wonder what the automotive industry will be like 5 years from now:sweatdrop:, but it is amazing just what GM has done with the Corvette (even the "base" model, let alone the ZR1). Seeing as following what's going on in the automotive industry is probably one of my biggest interests, I could...
  12. SteveC1981

    Hope you got everything you wanted for your birthday... Just 11 more months or so and you will...

    Hope you got everything you wanted for your birthday... Just 11 more months or so and you will really get to be a "big kid" :2thumbsup: (at least if you want to...)
  13. SteveC1981

    Friday the 13th...yeah, whatever...i just felt like posting

    Friday the 13th...yeah, whatever...i just felt like posting
  14. SteveC1981

    crazy idea

    The way I read your idea....I'd pass on it. Here's why: If you were to follow through as you have it laid out...it'd take way too much time and effort and they would eventually catch onto you (caller ID??) which would be bad if you were trying to get a job there. It's highly unlikely a...
  15. SteveC1981

    Happy ME Day!

    Isn't every day Me Day? (well, maybe not Christmas, Mother's Day, or Father's Day, or anniveraries if one is married...)
  16. SteveC1981

    ANOTHER Plane Crash?

    I hadn't realized that it had been nearly 2 1/2 years since the last fatal air accident (in the United States). Air safety has been getting better, but sometimes bad weather can still cause things to go bad. I haven't flown in a while, but that's because I haven't needed to travel far...
  17. SteveC1981

    The Origin of Your Current Avatar

    Well, I just had one up of a small car (a Fiat?) passing a Lamborghini Diablo on a 2-lane road that I thought was funny, but my current one is of George Washington in the dollar panicking. He wants a bailout from his troubles too! :D
  18. SteveC1981

    Favorite Superbowl Ad

    I don't know why, but I always like the ads with the Budweiser Clydesdales. There's also the one with Danica Patrick in it, but I have dialup, so watching the unrated version is hard to do. For the most part however, the ads this year were weak.
  19. SteveC1981

    Your underwear

    I would have said the same thing. They lend some peace of mind, in that sense.
  20. SteveC1981

    October's too long! :wallbash: (why can't we win the World Series NOW? :sweatdrop:)

    October's too long! :wallbash: (why can't we win the World Series NOW? :sweatdrop:)