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  1. Spaz

    Backpacking and Diapers

    To clarify, I did not wear diapers during the day on that 3 day hike. Only at night. I'm often dehydrated during the day especially when exercising and this allows me stop and pee when necessary.
  2. Spaz

    Backpacking and Diapers

    I hike a lot so I have some experiences to share here. I did about 36 miles on the AT a few years back. It took three days and, yes, I had to bring night diapers and pack them out (disposing of them when I passed a trash can near a parking lot entrance trail). My urge IC is bad, but on that hike...
  3. Spaz

    Question about interstim process

    I'm in the same boat and have also heard good and bad things about it. Interested in answers too.
  4. Spaz

    Northshore Supreme vs. Seni Super Quatro vs. Rearz Incontrol Inspire

    I’m in my 50’s and I’ve been wearing diapers on and off my entire life, including 24/7 for more than 16 years. Over that time I have found there is no such thing as a perfect diaper, some, however, can be close. This is a subjective comparison between three high quality disposable diapers I have...
  5. Spaz

    Anyone with similar issues?

    As others have said, seek medical help to make sure you are not dealing with something serious. My bladder wants to empty automatically at around 125-150 ml and I can't stop it, but I've noticed there are certain things that can trigger it. Touching warm water and changing positions are two of them.
  6. Spaz

    What’s the best part about wearing a diaper for you? What’s the worst part?

    Best part is knowing my diaper will contain my frequent and uncontrollable wetting and messing. Worst part is my f*@king body is frequently and uncontrollably wetting and messing and there are plenty of times I just don't want to wear a diaper.
  7. Spaz

    How does incontinence affect your life?

    One thing people who are not incontinent seem to miss is incontinence is a symptom of a disease, injury or defect. Rarely, is one affected only by incontinence, but usually other issues as well. For example, my IBS flared up big time about a week ago and I messed my diaper. It was a pretty bad...
  8. Spaz

    Timed voiding

    Yeah, timed voiding does not work for me. I pee too frequently unless I'm dehydrated, I can't hold it more than a few seconds, I can't pee on command and there are lot's of situations throughout my day when getting to a toilet at a particular time is simply not possible. That's not to say there...
  9. Spaz

    Who else has been diapered 24/7 for at least a decade?

    Wore diapers off and on for 26 years. Then every night and sometimes during the day for 11 years then 24/7 for 16 years. Cloth, disposables and everything in between. At least 75 different types.
  10. Spaz

    Depends Fit-Flex Pullup Diaper. How much urine, or full bladders can it hold

    Very little. The term “Maximum Absorbency” was invented by some marketer being paid by Proctor and Gamble to fool you.
  11. Spaz

    Mental health and diapers

    Definitely helps me, but I’m also urge ic. I’ve been wearing diapers off and on my whole life. Besides containing regular accidents, they allow me to go about my day with a lot more confidence and a lot less stress.
  12. Spaz

    Mortality and Your Stash

    A while ago on this site (probably 4 or 5 years) I posted about the ramifications of years of diaper wearing on the skeleton. I know morbid right, but I think it was around Halloween. Anyway, I can see some anthropologist examining my pelvic bones hundreds of years from now and writing “this...
  13. Spaz

    Favorite Foods and Restaurants

    Hmmm... don’t eat fast food. If we go to a restaurant, it’s usually a local Italian or Asian. Normally though I eat the same stuff I did when I was four. Cereal, bread, fruit, yogurt.
  14. Spaz

    Ssdi forcing us to use cheap diapers

    I’m in Florida. Medicaid pays but not Medicare and not private insurance companies. Every insurance company in the US does not pay for incontinence supplies. Most, in fact, do not. When you say state, it sounds like you are referring to Medicaid, which is totally different and covers disabled...
  15. Spaz

    Ssdi forcing us to use cheap diapers

    At least your insurance covers something. I’ve been urge ic for many years and my insurance does not cover diapers. Most don’t in the US. Even Medicare doesn’t cover diapers.
  16. Spaz

    I started a Youtube Channel!

    It’s nice to see someone attractive putting themselves out there. Thanks!
  17. Spaz

    Capcon 2021

    Due to the pandemic, it’s very unlikely these events will go on this fall and perhaps even next year. Gathering in large groups is going to be a hard sell in the US until we can get a better way to deal with this virus and we are still a long way from that. If they are going to continue...
  18. Spaz

    Best cloth diapers

    The best Prefolds have found are Changing Times, Adult Cloth Diaper, Fetwear and Babykins (Kins). Look at the measurements very carefully and always buy one diaper or one pair of waterproof pants at a time. Once you dial in your size and preference, you’re set. Lots of options so PM me if you...
  19. Spaz


    I was thinking the same thing. I also have diverticulosis and polyps. Don't rush to thinking it's cancerous just yet! Wishing you the best.
  20. Spaz


    I'll add my perspective here. I think women have a little easier time getting their partners to engage or at least acknowledge their ab side because traditionally women are often raised in western society to be taken care of by their "man." I've been married for 17 years and my wife wishes I did...