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    Wife HATES my fetish

    When my wife and I started dating she had no issues participating in my fetish. In fact, she's worn diapers many times. As well, she would change me without any complaint and was at one time going to indulge me even more by writing an ABDL story. Since our daughter was born three years ago...
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    De-Lurk/ Re-introduction

    1) Hello! Who are you? I'm currently a Criminal Justice major, as well as a father to a beautiful three year old girl. I have been married for a year this June. 2) What brings you here? I've had an interest in diapers for as long as I can remember. I found this site a few years ago and...
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    Stupidest Idea Ever!!

    SO Today when I was putting on a diaper I got the tapes messed up and it became useless. So I decided not to waste it and just put some slits in it. Then I put another diaper on top of it. Now I had one problem. I couldn't be seen by my sister with diapers on and I live with her. So I sneak...
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    Website creator

    My brother-in-law is trying to start his own business. I offered to make him a website for this bussiness. So, I was wondering if anyone had any advice for what I should use.
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    Which is better?

    I'm thinking of buying an AB/DL diaper. I have decided to go with either the Bambino, ABUniverse, or the Classy Comfort. I figured I'd let the members here help me figure out which to buy. So let me know which pack you prefer out of those three.
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    Well I have been lurking here for awhile...decided I would finally introduce myself. I like the site layout. The stories are really good as well. That's where I have been lurking.