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  1. Cake

    Grindcore/Death/Heavy Metal

    Wow, kinda surprised so many of you guys actually know your stuff. Most kids I know think stuff like Avenged Sevenfold is "totally br00tal deth methul dood" so it's pretty nice to know kids actually listen to stuff like Behemoth and Ensiferum.
  2. Cake

    So Teens What Chore Do You Have!

    Two hours of yard work a week. I don't have as many chores as my siblings because I keep my room really clean and I don't leave my shit laying around my house.
  3. Cake

    Introducing: Chillhouse

    You and I have a LOT in common.
  4. Cake

    God vs. Diapers

    Actually, if I remember my Bible lessons correctly, Deuteronomy has a lot of stuff like that. Moses was trying to teach his people how to live so it has a lot of rules condemning certain behaviors, and I'm certain that homosexuality was one of them. However, anyone who takes the Bible that...
  5. Cake

    How long have you gone without wearing a diaper?

    A couple weeks, but I have a lot of diapers in my stash. Haven't really been in the mood lately. I might wear tonight, though.
  6. Cake

    A cool "art" video that's right up our alley...

    I'm usually into artsy stuff but this is just too weird for even me.
  7. Cake

    Your Bedroom!

    Voila! Yes, I am one of those heartbreaking guitar-player types:tongueout:
  8. Cake

    God vs. Diapers

    I'm different than a lot of other Christians in this thought process (but then again, I'm a Catholic, and a lot of Christians really dislike Catholics and don't even think they should be considered Christian) but I think that God loves everybody. Isn't that the core message of the Bible anyway...
  9. Cake

    What Video Game Are You Playing Right Now?

    Ha, just came in here to say this. I like Demo Control better, though.
  10. Cake

    Communion Diapers???

    I'm Catholic, and this is just stupid, really.
  11. Cake

    What diaper size do you wear?

    Small when I can, and Medium when it isn't available.
  12. Cake

    Do you wear a watch?

    I have a Seiko watch that my dad gave to me as a gift and I wear it all the time.
  13. Cake

    How do you shave your umm "Area"??

    You have a great taste in music, very nice avatar. I did it for the first time today, with an electric razor. Didn't hurt at all and it hasn't started itching... yet. When I was doing the "dangly bits" as they've been referred to earlier in the thread I felt like Jack Bauer cutting a bomb wire...
  14. Cake

    Desperate and/or Gross Things You Have Done With Your Diapers...

    Done that :rolleyes: And I've stolen from stores. Not proud of it.
  15. Cake

    What diaper are you wearing NOW?

    Walgreens Fitted Brief. Better than nothing.
  16. Cake

    Diapering toinght :)

  17. Cake

    Everyone must join this group

    I feel obligated to join that one!
  18. Cake

    Diapering toinght :)

    Um, alrighty then. Have fun I guess? Nice use of emotes.
  19. Cake

    The Origin of Your Current Avatar

    Sonic Youth's album Daydream Nation. I chose it because it's an incredible album :P
  20. Cake

    introducing Huggies JEANS!

    :o My bad, thanks.