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  1. ykdprdave

    Latest kiddos batch

    Just opened up a pack out of the latest batch and I’m kinda sad to see they’ve changed a bit. The plastic is a bit thinner feeling as well as the padding seems to have thinned put a bit. Not the end of the world as long as they still hold up the same, I just don’t like change lol
  2. ykdprdave

    Widest diaper?

    Just curious what’s out there for diapers that are really wide in the crotch? I just find that a lot of them could be wider for a bit more room in there once the diapers wet
  3. ykdprdave

    B4ns still in business?

    I haven’t ordered from them in a long time, they used to be my regular source for abenas then bambino’s when those came into production. Looks like the bambino’s have been out of stock for a looonngggg time and the rest of the site is lacking updates I know I had emailed them probably 2 years...
  4. ykdprdave

    Something similar to baby oil - doesn’t wreck diapers

    I love the smell of baby oil, but it just absolutely destroys disposable diapers in no time... Is their anything else out there similar to it, that doesn’t wreck the glue that holds diapers together?
  5. ykdprdave

    Abu dinorawrz...

    Was bored and stumbled across Abu applying to trademark “dinorawrz” near the end of last month... Looks like they tried in 2016 and dropped it in 17. Some mysterious project that’s been years in the making? Lol
  6. ykdprdave

    New peekabu

    Anyone got their new peekabu shipment yet? Thoughts?
  7. ykdprdave

    Sdk/cushies old style

    So, never know these days... anyone seen knockoffs of the old sdk/cushies 1.0/1.5s? Must be some place out there selling them that I haven’t seen! Of course they ‘suck’ if you prefer to swim in them all day, but I prefer the plastic and dont mind lighter diapers at times
  8. ykdprdave

    Any capillary derps?

    So I haven’t been in the loop for quite a while. Has any of the abdl lines adapted a capillary diaper yet? I think with the diapers on the market now, the only improvement would be capillary tubes for much better wetness distribution Even the peekabu which can hold a ridiculous ammount still...
  9. ykdprdave

    Leaking out the front top/sides :/

    Anyone else had issues with leaking regularly from the front top and sides while sitting or laying down? :( Sitting down isn’t as bad but I can pretty much guarantee I’ll leak while laying down regardless of the diaper and how I put it on. Not sure if my thingy is just too short or what 😆...
  10. ykdprdave

    Pampers scent

    Has anyone found the exact scent that pampers uses, that is available in Canada? I freakin love the smell of pampers! 😋