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  1. PaddedInEastvale

    Question for those with non approving wife’s.

    I was in the exact same situation as you. When I finally gained the courage to tell my wife after 10 years of marriage, it was like an atomic bomb went off. She also threatened me with divorce. We already had our three kids at the time so she said if I didn’t stop, she would take the kids and...
  2. PaddedInEastvale

    Dream Characters on ABDL diapers

    I am not a fan of baby prints so if I could get sports logos that would be great. Also Mario or Zelda would be cool too.
  3. PaddedInEastvale

    New Tykables: Camelots!!

    Will you guys ever do a high capacity all white diaper? I’m a DL only and printed diapers don’t really do it for me. I love your diapers, but I would love them even more if there were an all white option.
  4. PaddedInEastvale

    What’s the best part about wearing a diaper for you? What’s the worst part?

    Out of sight, out of mind. I can’t do it while she is around. She never wants to hear about it or see anything so she just acts like it doesn’t exist.
  5. PaddedInEastvale

    Do diapers destroy reputations?

    The fact is that diapers are another form of underwear? Is it okay to walk around outside in your boxers, briefs, thong or g-string? Would you show up to work wearing only a shirt and your underwear? Would you force random people to see what underwear you wear? They don’t care and shouldn’t...
  6. PaddedInEastvale

    Diapers finds at thrift stores. Any good?

    I usually see terrible ones like per-fit, but I did once find a bag of molicare when they were still purple.
  7. PaddedInEastvale

    If forced, who is the one person you would tell who doesn’t already know?

    Let’s just say somebody had a gun to your head and says “tell one person who doesn’t know about your ABDL side or I will shoot”. Or if you want a less violent scenario, somebody offers you $1,000,000 to tell that unknowing person. Who would it be and why? I think mine would be my older...
  8. PaddedInEastvale


    I life in SoCal in a city called Eastvale. It’s right by Corona and Ontario. Those are usually the more known cities. I was born and raised in SoCal, moves to Washington in 2014, then came back last year. BIGGEST MISTAKE OF MY LIFE! I regret moving back so much. I think one day, we will...
  9. PaddedInEastvale

    What sort of underwear do you wear when you're not wearing nappies

    I wear boxer briefs and, on occasion, my wife’s satin panties. If it was up to me, I’d wear panties full time (when not padded).
  10. PaddedInEastvale

    I'm very concerned about my marriage

    If you don’t mind me asking, were the diapers a big reason for the split?
  11. PaddedInEastvale

    How strong were you nappy wearing desires as a teenager?

    My desires were very strong. When I was in 8th grade or so, I found a pack of bladder control pads under our sink. We all shared one bathroom in the house, so everybody’s toiletries were there. These things were huge...like basically a diaper without the tabs and wings. They would go from my...
  12. PaddedInEastvale

    Do you guys wear diapers more in public with the pandemic going on?

    If my wife allowed it, I would wear in public. COVID or not. I have worn in public a lot in the past. Mostly when I was an Uber driver. Made it very convenient since I didn’t need to find a restroom during my shift.
  13. PaddedInEastvale

    For this who have kids that know, how did you tell them?

    I’m just curious how those of you who told your kids of your AB or DL side, how did you go about doing it? Were you caught? Did you just come clean from day one? I have kids so I can’t imagine them finding out, but I know there are those out there that have told their kids. This question is...
  14. PaddedInEastvale

    Movie theaters finally coming back!!

    I am eagerly awaiting the opening of movie theaters, but there are no plans to open in my area any time soon.
  15. PaddedInEastvale

    Halloween - Already ?!

    I personally do not care for Halloween, but seeing the decorations in stores gets me excited of the upcoming holiday season. I love Thanksgiving and Christmas.
  16. PaddedInEastvale

    has anyone had covid in here? like what was your road to recovery like?

    I think I had it, but it was only one day of sneezing, runny nose, lost of taste/smell, headache, and severe tiredness. Actually, the tiredness lasted 2 or 3 days but everything else was gone after that first day except for the lack of taste/smell. I didn’t think it was Covid because it wasn’t...
  17. PaddedInEastvale

    What do you do when you have to poop?

    I will either slip my diaper off if no landing zone or simply unfasten the tabs if the diaper has a landing zone or is hook and loop so I can go poop in the toilet. I’ve tried messing my diaper a few times and while it felt okay, the smell and cleanup were not worth it to me.
  18. PaddedInEastvale

    I'm very concerned about my marriage

    The funny thing is that my wife is totally okay with me wearing her satin panties, but she draws the line with diapers. We have even been intimate while I’m wearing panties.
  19. PaddedInEastvale

    I'm very concerned about my marriage

    As I’ve shared many times on this forum, I have a very unaccepting wife. I told her after 10 years of marriage and it went very badly. It was almost to the point of her taking the kids and leaving. I was a mess and wanted to die that first few months after telling her. She made me feel so...
  20. PaddedInEastvale

    Odd random finds

    I just remembered another one. When I was maybe about 10, I went to my friends house to play. His mom was a caretaker for his grandma (or some other older lady, I don’t remember). But I do remember walking through a room with him to get outside and there were stacks of plastic backed adult...