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  1. AlexRianSabaw

    So I just bought some ABU Cloth-Cushies...

    I'm excited. I'm colloquially calling them my "Night Time" pants. I'm really excited for them. I can't wait till they come in. c:
  2. AlexRianSabaw

    Hi there this is Sabaw

    I'm Sabaw, your resident ab/babyfur and diaper expert! I tend to just lurk for the most part, but hey look it considers me an established contributor. Anywho My fur affinity is Userpage of sabaw -- Fur Affinity [dot] net all my art is posted here. I enjoy roleplaying and taking care of...
  3. AlexRianSabaw

    Article Requests Thread

    It's been a while since I've contributed to this website. I want to review the Bambino Bellissimo diaper. I'm writing up the review, I already have pictures.
  4. AlexRianSabaw

    How much sleep do you guys get?/How do you guys sleep?

    9 hours is optimum for me. I also notice I sleep better if I sleep between 9pm and 9am. My body hates to go against it's natural circadian rhythm. I rarely sleep this way though even though I should. :P
  5. AlexRianSabaw

    World Of Warcraft

    I do. My character names can be found at alexfoxkit - User Profile
  6. AlexRianSabaw

    Don't wish to be rude.

    Cute art and nice to meet ya. :)
  7. AlexRianSabaw

    Me and my Friend's Birthday: Need ideas!

    Sounds like a good concept except the outing in public thing isn't something we do too terribly much. At least not being obvious about it. Very good though, thanks for the idea :D
  8. AlexRianSabaw

    RIP my Motherboard: New parts and accessories for upgrading 2010.

    Yeah, I noticed the first time I messed up and stuck it on the default timings which were like 13-13-13-25 or something. I also accidently set them in single channel too. Oops. :D
  9. AlexRianSabaw

    Me and my Friend's Birthday: Need ideas!

    Oooh, how would that work exactly? :3
  10. AlexRianSabaw

    Me and my Friend's Birthday: Need ideas!

    Those are very great ideas, of course the classics work very well. I'm definitely going to keep all those ideas in mind. Although we're wearing diapers, it's about much more than that. I want it to be very dynamic. We did the 'spend all day in the house and do nothing but snuggle and wear...
  11. AlexRianSabaw

    Me and my Friend's Birthday: Need ideas!

    Me and my friend share a birthday really close together. We're trying to think of fun ideas to do together during this time that is also very kidish and childish. I turn 23, he turns 22.... or I turn 7 and he turns 12 respectively. :P In addition, while in the house away from the public, We...
  12. AlexRianSabaw

    Juvenile Diapers You Would Like To See In Adult Sizes

    Luvs with Blues Clues or the late 90's, early 00's pull-ups with the fading star designs
  13. AlexRianSabaw

    RIP my Motherboard: New parts and accessories for upgrading 2010.

    And now the computer is complete! I've gotten all the parts and have put it all together and configured it all accordingly. Running on Windows 7 -64x Enterprise CPU-Z Validator 3.1 And here are some pics for everyone: http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y132/alexfoxkit/Image2-1.jpg...
  14. AlexRianSabaw

    I... get annoyed by kids who do babyish stuff? Hypocrisy or Jealousy?

    Kids that big with pacifiers? Pics or it didn't happen. On that note, don't take pics, that'd be creepy. But I still can't believe it. :P
  15. AlexRianSabaw

    RIP my Motherboard: New parts and accessories for upgrading 2010.

    Well, update on this thread: I finally decided on the parts for the computer to build a budget mid-range gaming rig and here are the final specs: AMD Athlon II x4, 2.9ghz, 512kbx4 L2 (95w) 2x, 2gb Gskill Ripjaw DDR3 ram (1600) 150gb SATA 3.0gb/s 32mb cache 80gb SATA 1.5/gbs 8mb cache (For...
  16. AlexRianSabaw

    Abu cushies or bambino?

    Bambinos definitely.
  17. AlexRianSabaw

    Interest in Diapers - Kid Baby / Teen Baby / Adult Baby

    2) your overall infantilism life interests Reason being is because I kind of merge everything I like about being a kid.
  18. AlexRianSabaw

    Bambino Teddy Review

    Wow, you must have ordered them right that morning! Thanks for the pics!
  19. AlexRianSabaw

    What's harder to accept for a parent; their child being gay or *B/DL?

    I would say gay is the worst. My mom looked past the abdl stuff easily, but when she found out I was dating a dude, she broke down crying. >.>
  20. AlexRianSabaw

    What is your fursona's name?

    Hadriana "Sabaw" Sabertooth