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  1. AlexRianSabaw

    So I just bought some ABU Cloth-Cushies...

    I'm excited. I'm colloquially calling them my "Night Time" pants. I'm really excited for them. I can't wait till they come in. c:
  2. AlexRianSabaw

    Hi there this is Sabaw

    I'm Sabaw, your resident ab/babyfur and diaper expert! I tend to just lurk for the most part, but hey look it considers me an established contributor. Anywho My fur affinity is Userpage of sabaw -- Fur Affinity [dot] net all my art is posted here. I enjoy roleplaying and taking care of...
  3. AlexRianSabaw

    Me and my Friend's Birthday: Need ideas!

    Me and my friend share a birthday really close together. We're trying to think of fun ideas to do together during this time that is also very kidish and childish. I turn 23, he turns 22.... or I turn 7 and he turns 12 respectively. :P In addition, while in the house away from the public, We...
  4. AlexRianSabaw

    RIP my Motherboard: New parts and accessories for upgrading 2010.

    So here I go again, having to repair my computer yet again. My computer shut off without warning and when I tried to turn it back on, it wouldn't even boot to bios. So I checked all the probable causes and it looks that once again my motherboard has malfunctioned. I figured this time I'd go...
  5. AlexRianSabaw

    Hi there, Sabaw

    Just saying hi, seeing as I was in this community a whole back, I've not been back due to life n' stuff. Figured I'd say hi once again. Lesse, I like babyfur, the crinkly-stuffs, blankets, plushies, playing with toys, girly things, boyie things, and other stuff among other things. I'll be going...
  6. AlexRianSabaw

    A friendly hello!

    Hi there. I'm AlexRian. I'd like to say hello. I came about this site because it looks interesting. It pertains to tb/ab/dl etc. I thought I could share my experience because I was a tb last year, and now I'm a big kid so to speak. :) I thought it'd be appropriate to add the fact that, yes I am...