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  1. CPDude

    Finding a mommy

    What is the best way to make initial positive contact with a mommy so you can start having normal conversations? Where do you find them and how do you find out if (1) they are looking for a baby (2) if you are the right baby for them? there is a new site nappy date, but it is still growing and...
  2. CPDude

    My normal night

    I am going to describe what happened yesterday evening, from dinner to bed with my caregiver. I will call her Stacy. She works for the agency that provides my care and she is a sweet girl Stacy wheels me up to the dinner table and ties a bib around my neck. She grabs a plate from the table and...
  3. CPDude

    Hello again

    Hi my name is Baby Shawn. My baby age is less then 1. in real life, I am a disabled adult male, 43, with cerebral palsy and a seizure disorder . I use a wheelchair and I am fully incontinent of bladder and bowel and I require diapers 24/7. I did have a loving family once but I outlived them. I...
  4. CPDude

    Who else has been diapered 24/7 for at least a decade?

    Just curious
  5. CPDude

    Favorite toy?

    What is your favorite toy to play with as your little self? I love blocks myself and my cuddly Elmo
  6. CPDude

    Full time permanent baby

    Where I live , in a group home for adults with disabilities, I can if I choose to, live as babyish as I want. I am a bit scared by how far I could go. I always wear diapers permanently and I have a crib I use at night.
  7. CPDude

    I guess I am lucky

    While I would love a mommy for cuddles and attention, I guess I am lucky because my paid caregiver just bathed me, diapered me, put me in pajamas and hand fed me breakfast before our walk and hand fed me lunch after our walk
  8. CPDude


    Does anyone have a good place to have a crib made for a adult and a full sized mattress?
  9. CPDude

    A bit scared

    Hi Everyone, my significant other who I love very dearly wants to move to a different state where it is warmer and thus far she has not been receptive to my reasons against it. She just wants to leave the cold. my reasons against it are because of the disability services I depend on. I have a...
  10. CPDude

    Why I live for the day and don’t worry about retirement

    I have many friends who only worry about making money for retirement and how to spend it when they get there. I don’t worry about it. I hope to live to my 70’s or beyond. I know that my disability and my everyday care needs will require 24/7 care eventually as I outlive loved ones and I get...
  11. CPDude


    I don’t know if it is because of my disability, or my desire to be a adult baby, but I have never once had any desire to have my own children.
  12. CPDude

    Caregiver stories

    Anyone have any good caregiver stories they want to share? I have been using paid caregivers since September 1994 to present day. I can not name all the caregivers that I have worked with in the last 24 years and counting.
  13. CPDude

    Diaper shifts or falls while wearing sweatpants

    Sometimes , my diaper will shift or get very loose and fall when I am in sweatpants, causing leaks. What should I wear to keep the diaper in place? I don’t want anything childish.
  14. CPDude

    Question for those who are permanently disabled

    Do you find that you are sometimes really emotionally tired and that makes your desire to be a baby stronger?
  15. CPDude

    Adult baby mommy or daddy

    Over the course of the last few years, I have reached out to various adult babysitters that advertise on the internet. Usually they are interested until I mention I am disabled. Most disappear at the mention of a wheelchair. One or two have still been interested at this point but they are in...
  16. CPDude

    Caregivers , working and diapers

    Does anyone else use paid caregivers to help them manage full incontinence (bowel and bladder) and also work? I have found that many employers are uncomfortable with the fact I need caregivers throughout the day while at work. I have been unemployed for a while and maintaining employment has...
  17. CPDude


    As many know I am permanently doublely ic, and diapered 24/7. I am wondering if my urinary ic is making hemroids worse. Occasionally when my aides clean me with wipes, I will bleed a bit from my scrotum. The bleeding never lasts long, and is rare. It just happened yesterday, my caregiver took...
  18. CPDude

    Reasons I need to be a baby again

    I have seen many people say they want to be a baby but people rarely say why. For me, it's a whole list of reasons. I was raised in a home without love. Because I am disabled, I was harassed and mocked often. I have no control over 1 and 2 and will need diapers my entire life. I need help...
  19. CPDude

    I need to escape the adult world

    Sometimes, like today, it is just too hard to pretend to be an adult and deal with my disability. I just want to leave adult hood behind and go to a nursery where I will feel safe cared for and loved.
  20. CPDude

    For those who have caregivers

    For those who have caregivers regularly, how did you tell your caregivers about abdl desires? How did they take this news? Any advice on how to start this conversation?