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  1. NovaDL

    How long did you wet the bed?

    I want to say 6 or 7 before it completely stopped.i remember when I was about 4 asking to be put back in diapers at night to avoid it, but my parents said no.
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    Yay, this story is alive!
  3. NovaDL

    What's happened to Bambino??

    They stopped innovating and got their butts kicked by ABU and Tykables. Their products just aren't up to modern standards.
  4. NovaDL

    Tykables Dubblers - SAP Explosions

    If you're planning to use a booster, you might need to go one size up in order to give room for it to expand, or you may just need to adjust your fitting so it's not so tight to begin with. I suspect you're not giving it enough room to expand so it explodes.
  5. NovaDL

    How can i go number two in my diapers

    If you REALLY want it to happen, eat LOTS of beans to soften your stool naturally. You can also take stool softeners, although as with all medication you should be cautious. Pooping your diaper is something a lot of people like the idea of until you actually try it. It's NASTY and the cleanup is...
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    How to crawl without knee pain

    I suggested to Tykables to produce an adult version of baby crawler pads. So far nothing's come of it.
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    Is it strange how some ABs still curse/swear in real life?

    I am fluent in English, profanity, and sarcasm. And I do not limit myself to English profanity. I am able to utter epithets in English, Spanish, German, and Russian.
  8. NovaDL

    immature personality disorder

    I know someone who I believe definitely fits this criteria. Believe me, it doesn't apply to people with a "little" side. Rather, it's a more extreme case of being unable or unwilling to function in a mature manner when it is necessary to do so. That's not to say the person is helpless against...
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    Did it ever occur to anybody that our secret will no doubt be revealed one day?

    As for me, I'm an only child, and I'm asexual so I'm never having children. By the time I die, I don't expect to have any family left to go through my things. So whatever. My will will leave the things I care about to a few close friends, and everything else can be trashed.
  10. NovaDL

    Some help finding this nice pacifier

    I don't think that's it, but it's similar. My experience is that style guard doesn't work too well for adults due to adults' more protruding chins, which is why the ones use a butterfly guard that has a relief cut for adult chins.
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    *sigh* Why do the best ones always get abandoned?
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    ABDL business product ideas (clothing design and products)

    I want adult-sized crawler kneepads.
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    Baby for a day

    Around 14 months, old enough to walk with difficulty. I have a thing for barely being able to walk.
  14. NovaDL

    Waddle or Crawl?

    Waddle, because it's just not pleasant to crawl with an adult's weight, which is why I suggested to Tykables they make crawler pads for adults. No idea on whether they're going to make it yet, but maybe within a year we'll have an option.
  15. NovaDL

    Is it possible to eliminate a diaper fetish?

    If it were, I'd have gotten rid of it a long time ago. Believe me, I've tried. And honestly still would, if I could. But I'm stuck with it.
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    Great story! Keep it up!
  17. NovaDL

    Tykables Galactic / Little Rawrs vs. ABU PeekABU / Simple Ultra: Tykables Wins.

    Unfortunately I just restocked with ABU but you can believe that once I'm through them I'm switching to Tykables. They are just a better product. ABU has better marketing and more reliable stock, but I'll work around it and order when I can.
  18. NovaDL

    Tykables Galactic / Little Rawrs vs. ABU PeekABU / Simple Ultra: Tykables Wins.

    I've recently tested both, and in terms of functional capacity as well as how much they make you waddle, there is no question: Tykables is WAY ahead. The PeekABU / Simple Ultra has a major design flaw, which has been noted before: they used a new type of SAP, which makes them thinner to begin...
  19. NovaDL

    New product idea

    No photo. But just search baby crawl pads and you'll see what I mean.
  20. NovaDL

    New product idea

    Even littles who are mobile often have floor time. This just serves to make it more pleasant.