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  1. Lonelydl

    Pampers cruisers size 7?

    So there are none of these on amazon and I am wondering if they got discontinued. There isnt even a sold out listing. Has anyone heard anything?
  2. Lonelydl

    Attends premier

    I hear a few people here saying that these are awesome and that they mirror pampers but without the print. I have tried to find non product photos of them but have had no luck. Does anyone here have some pictures to share?
  3. Lonelydl

    Rearz, still the thickest?

    Although I dont currently have anything from rearz in my stash. I have however been trying out some on tykables new line and when sitting down they seem pretty thick. Do you think they may have taken over the title of thickest diaper?
  4. Lonelydl

    Trying dino rawrs

    I have to say I was skeptical of the new shell they were using. But I have to say the look and feel of it is closer to the old baby diapers that I remember. The feel is awesome and the rustle is amazing. These are the closest I have ever seen to the real deal hands down. I am definitely sold on...
  5. Lonelydl

    Reacquainted with an old favorite

    Kiddos. Last time I had these was definitely over a year ago. Thanks to ABU's major restock I got a couple packs in a half case along with sdks which I had never tried before. I did however forget how 2 tapes feel versus the 4 tape.
  6. Lonelydl

    Not an ab but...

    For those of you who are Dl only do you sometimes get a small urge to try the baby things? One ritual of mine is to play video games while enjoying a six pack. But tonight I thought about getting a baby bottle and pouring my beers in that. not a strong urge but thought it would be fun. Do you...