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  1. Lordluke

    Wearing diapers in public

    Nappied in Public Hi All I went shopping today in a baggy pair of jean shorts a thick Tena nappy and a pair of boxers, it was great fun, no one noticed or al least said anything so it was fine. I would love to do that with someone else it would be good to have someone else there doing the...
  2. Lordluke

    Pacifier Training

    New pasci user Hi Guys Someone justvrecently introduced me to a pasci (or dummy) and I found that I enjoyed it, it had a calming effect. So I guess I need training heheeh so it was interesting to read all the above Cheers lordluke
  3. Lordluke

    Have you ever dropped in on your parents... "bumping uglies"

    I have ears and I can hear Hi All IHave heard my parents being busy a few times (mum is especially noisy) but i walked in on a flat mate who was about to take the plunge, he froze in mid air she froze and so did I ehheh an embarressing moment hehehe. My mum walked in on my brother once too...
  4. Lordluke

    Longest Time Away from School

    A long time ago Hi All I was off school for approx. 6 months, and I was in and out of hospital too, but it was a while ago, I was in grade 3. V\Hugz Luke
  5. Lordluke

    Regarding perfumes

    A nice smell Hi All Having a nice smelling nappy may be nice but if other people smell the fragrance while u have it on, there could be some interesting situations explaining your new perfume hey. But using baby powder is ok for it is easly explained away. But if its just you in a nappy well...
  6. Lordluke

    Diaper Condition:

    No where special Hi Guys I just keep them in a bag under my bed, I have a few brands they are all mixed up so its pot luck what i pull out to wear. Cheers luke
  7. Lordluke

    Any way to get rid of a boner other than just waiting?

    Hi Mate I think you just have to let nature take its course, and await for things to settle down. I guess you are talking about being in public. Well sit down if u can often helps and as indicated above think of other things (ie stop looking at that cute guy or girl heheeh), These always...
  8. Lordluke


    Smoking = killing yourself slowley Hi Mate I guess we all try things once, I know I did, I brought 1 packet of cigs and smoked about 1/2 dozen of then then through the packet away, it just want pleasent, made me feel sick and made my breath stink of smoke all unpleasent. Please please dont...
  9. Lordluke

    Hey, I'm Ben

    Hugz and welcome Welcome Ben Hope you enjoy your stay here, its a good place to chat, Cheers Luke
  10. Lordluke

    Hi All

    Thank You Hi guys Thank you for your welcome Hugz Luke
  11. Lordluke

    hi im new

    Welcome to our little nappy world Hey mate welcome, hope you find our little world a fun place to be. Cheers Luke
  12. Lordluke

    Sexual attraction

    Nappys Nappys fun and comfort Hi Guys Wearing a nappy is a big turn on and thrilling experience for this little black duck. I gues wearing them out and about (under clothes of course) is sort of thrilling and a felling of being a bit naughty I guess. I have been walking in the bush in just a...
  13. Lordluke

    MULTI TOPIC: Happy Birthday 2 ME!!! / What kind of cat do you have?

    Happy Birthday hugz and ll that But Hi Mate Though I like cats I wouldnt have one. The eat the local wildlife. In Australia cat have done heaps of damage to the bird and small mammal populations. If one keeps a cat then perhaps one should keep it inside or have a cage run for it outside...
  14. Lordluke

    Sleepless Nights

    Sleep sweet sleep Hi All I can understand what Baby Asley means I have had that problem at times, usually when something important or serious is a happening, but usually for me as soon as my head hits the pillow its not long before I am asleep. Its at the other end that I have problems, I WAKE...
  15. Lordluke

    Sleeping with diapers...

    Nappys to bed Hi Guys Where I used to live it was usually too hot to wear a nappy to bed, and it was a erotic thing for me. I was too scared to wet it in bed anyway. My brain wouldnt let me wet I would always wake up. You need a good nappy or plastic pants for a leaky nappy in bed mmmm not...
  16. Lordluke

    Hi All

    Hi All I have been off the air so to speak for a while. I moved and it took me ages to get the net connected . (Small country town) Anyway I am now back on line so a big hello again to everyone Cheers Luke
  17. Lordluke

    AB Meetings...

    Meeting people Hi All I would like to go to a party where everyone was into nappy's, so long it was above board. Perhaps a small group going to the movies, or something like that even. Maybe the first time it may just be a meet and greet thing and the next time around maybe everyone could...
  18. Lordluke

    What do you think about anal sex?

    Be careful Hi All If complentating anal sex be sure that a condom is used, besides being cleaner it provided protection against STD,s including AIDS, be sure u know your partner and where he has been etc. Anyway enjoy the experience, take it slowly and as already suggested use lube. Cheers Luke
  19. Lordluke


    Welcome to our little nappy world Hi Mate Welcome and I hope u enjoy our little nappy world and making new friends here. Cheers Luke
  20. Lordluke


    Welcome to our little nappy world Welcome Mate Hope you enjoy the site and chatting to people here. There are a wide span of people here including christians so hopefully you will feel at home. Cheers Luke