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  1. Orms Einbani

    Incontinence-causing surgery?

    It was a stub, and because of it's location and other factors, it would end up getting these cysts around it which were VERY uncomfortable, so I had to have it removed.
  2. Orms Einbani

    Dry 24/7 Price Reduction!

    I've heard quite a bit about these diapers on and off lately... can anyone tell me how they compare to Abena and Secure?
  3. Orms Einbani

    Hello :]

    EMBRACE the Inner Padding... LOVE the inner padding... WET the inner padding! Or, y'know, just browse around the site and be all kinds of happy that you found it.
  4. Orms Einbani

    Incontinence-causing surgery?

    Hrmmmm... Surgery that makes you Incontinent, eh? Well, I gotta say that I used not to believe in such things.... Forget that. I was bowel incontinent for about the first 15 years of my life due to a mixture of a birth defect and surgery. Then, about 5-6 years ago (I can't really remember...
  5. Orms Einbani

    New to ADISC

    Heh, It's still a warm welcome to the board. Really, you'd have to live in NC to really get it.
  6. Orms Einbani

    Does it still qualify as furry?

    Furry is what you make it, I say. If it's got a human/animal hybrid of any sort, then go with it... even if it's just a person with the mind of an animal (or the other way around).
  7. Orms Einbani

    Cheaper to be in diapers than not? O.o

    It really depends on how you're getting paid, though. Where I work, I get paid whether I even show up or not, so wearing diapers to avoid breaks wouldn't help me. Also, most retail places pay you for your breaks (maybe not lunches) and you can usually take a break any time you need to tinkle...
  8. Orms Einbani

    New to ADISC

    JEEEBUS! I'm starting to think that moving out of NC was a bad idea... but then I remember that my parents are in NC, and how much NC blows chunks, and I'm glad I did. Welcome to the site!
  9. Orms Einbani

    A different shade of babyfur

    It's interesting to see the types of responses here... Honestly, I'm more than satisfied with who I am, I was just interested in your all thoughts on the subject. Thanks :D
  10. Orms Einbani

    So be honest, have you ever been stupid enough to do this?

    HAH! Dual redundant backups FTW! But, seriously, nothing... NOTHING... it worse than trying to delete a virus, and ending up deleting some sort of super important hidden system file. Darn Windows.
  11. Orms Einbani

    Has it ever faded away?

    It comes and goes based on life situations for me, but it never really goes away. I'm not sure I would even be me if it weren't for the AB aspects.
  12. Orms Einbani

    just joined- looking for friends!

    If'n this is the same Kevin I think it is, welcome to this site! If it's the same Kevin, I'm glad you found it! If it's the same Kevin, we totally need to hang out more. If it's not the same Kevin, then disregard this entire post. Thank you.
  13. Orms Einbani

    Why Are Some Fursonas Common/Uncommon?

    Which brings up another interesting question... Why so many? And for that matter, what about the furs who are combinations of many animals? For me, I chose panther just because I have many of the same tendencies. Territorial, moody, stand-off-ish, loyal when I have to be, etc.. I guess many...
  14. Orms Einbani

    How easily can you go in a diaper

    The longer you wear, the easier it gets. When I'm in a diaper, I just go any and everytime I feel the urge. Same goes for messing, really, though I do avoid that while in public.
  15. Orms Einbani

    A different shade of babyfur

    Psst... It never does.
  16. Orms Einbani

    AB Meetings...

    Heh. I find it amusing that so far, most of you wouldn't mind wearing diapers to an event, but baby clothes seem to be going a bit to far. Even when I hosted events, I never wore diapers or babyish clothing to them. (also: Damn you for being a girl mandi!)
  17. Orms Einbani

    Wearing diapers in public

    Trippled what? And to be quite amazed... you'll wear 3 diapers to school, but you're too pent-up to go buy a skirt?
  18. Orms Einbani

    Help me decide: 360 or PS3?

    PS3. But I'm biased due to hating having to pay for online play.
  19. Orms Einbani

    Playstation 3

    I'm waiting for MGS4 right now... As for it getting crap... It does, but I don't know why. I've got it setup with TVersity running on my PC's, and just for streaming video over it, it can't be beat :D
  20. Orms Einbani

    Advice needed

    Abena, Secure X-Plus, or Bambino... These are the best. Molicares are good, Attends are "okay" (depending on who you ask) and depends are the worst of the worst.