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  1. MsClara

    I'm just a new Little~

    It's great that you're open minded and follow what you enjoy and how you want to be - I hope it brings you a lot of happiness :)
  2. MsClara

    I'm just a new Little~

    Hey there Adorbz! I'm sure you find some friends - nearly everyone loves their stuffies and cartoons here! Also there are a couple of groups for users with Autism - find them here along with lots of others :) If you don't mind me asking, is there a story to how you discovered you were a little?
  3. MsClara

    "Little" Activities?

    I think anything can be a Daddy & little activity as long as you can maintain the dynamic through it... Daddy can be nurturing, guiding, teaching, discipling as well... I think cooking and eating together would make a good basis for a ddlb scene? From a writers point of view there's lots of...
  4. MsClara

    Can I get in trouble for this?

    Yeah I just saw your thread on Nappy training.... I wasn't sure from that thread, are you actually incontinent? is this a long term health issue or from choice? If you're not trained into incontinence yet then it might be a good idea to put that plan on hold until you have more independent...
  5. MsClara

    Can I get in trouble for this?

    I do HOPE the police have better things to do with their time, to be honest.... Honestly, if it's done up tight in a plastic bag and isn't too big in proportion to the bin I doubt anyone is going to care or even notice. How much volume of diaper waste are you generating in one week? One plastic...
  6. MsClara

    Boyfriend recently confided in me he is ABDL. I need more perspective. Please Help.

    Hi Promise, I think it's great that you're trying to get more information and think things through, rather than making a gut decision and walking away, that does give me hope that you can come to a happy compromise. Something you need to be clear about is that being an ABDL / Little is a very...
  7. MsClara

    I'm glad there's someone on here who can appreciate a little bit of high culture :smile1:

    I'm glad there's someone on here who can appreciate a little bit of high culture :smile1:
  8. MsClara

    Greetings from Canada

    Hi CanadianGal! Don't worry, there's a decent number of members here who are 40 or 50 plus, and none of us are getting any younger (although I guess most of us wish we were from time to time!) so hopefully you wont feel left out. What brings you to ADISC now? have you been in an ABDL community...
  9. MsClara

    Yet another long-time lurker coming out of the woodwork

    Hi Shard, welcome to the community! and don't worry, this is a great introduction post! Yeah, I think we all remember how good that "I'm not alone" feeling was, contact with other ABDLs is SO important for feeling and being healthy about this. The good new is you sound a lot like the typical...
  10. MsClara

    Targeted Ads.

    Are you OK? Do you need help?
  11. MsClara

    Greetings From A Periodic Lurker

    Aw he sounds precious! Look forward to seeing him when you manage to upload the pic :)
  12. MsClara

    "Little" TV Shows

    I don't tend to watch much TV aimed at little kids, but the ones I do watch are the ones I remember from my own childhood. These include but are not limited to: Trap Door, Ivor the Engine, Clangers, Charlie Chalk I was also a huge fan of Thomas the Tank Engine, Fireman Sam, Thunderbirds...
  13. MsClara

    Greetings From A Periodic Lurker

    Hello Wuggle, welcome to ADISC! :) You seem very smart and insightful so I'm sure you'll have a lot to bring to our community. I think a lot of us have those "diaper related" memories from when we were kids... I know I do... mine are treasured in some ways, but also embarrassing or...
  14. MsClara

    Introduction instructions

    We may do those things, on the other hand, we may not.... What is a garden goblin? Welcome to ADISC :)
  15. MsClara

    I hate myself

    I'm not a psychologist / psychiatrist / therapist ect. whatever... I would always suggest people get some kind of professional help if they can (although that's not always easy.) But... IDK, for me I can identify with that moment? You describe how you've been so anxious, depressed, hiding...
  16. MsClara

    Do you guys ever have this kind of trouble in diapers?

    If you're new to it, it can be difficult for physical or emotional reasons... OK so my advice... steps: 1. eat fiber 2. stay well hydrated with water 3. avoid anything you know makes you constipated 4. give yourself time alone (Idk your living situation, but if this applies, make sure you...
  17. MsClara


    Hi Kelly, welcome to ADISC :) What are your interests apart from diapers? (outside of coffee and smoking? what's your brand? :p ) Have you been part of any diaper related communities before? Take care, Clara.
  18. MsClara

    Ashamed Of Our Little Side?

    I don't think I've ever really felt I was doing anything wrong, certainly I haven't felt that in a long time, since I was very young... but I do spend a lot of time worrying about what would happen if I was ever "outed" in a public way.:frown:
  19. MsClara

    hello all

    hey there mrogers, welcome to ADISC! what was the last show you saw in the theatre?
  20. MsClara

    NASA and diapers

    This diaperfic exists and I have read it somewhere, ages ago... plot twist: people develop a fetish for old fashioned toilet training and suffer angst about it because they're "weird"